Friday, 15 November 2013

Tasting Effect

Although I couldn't find effect in the WHSmiths in the store in the centre of town I managed to find it in WHSmiths in the train station. 

I bought the normal effect and the sugar-free effect. 

The cans had a high quality feel with the coating on the steel and the cans were slightly larger than other energy drinks as these were 330ml cans rather than 300ml. 

I like the addition of the feature colour on the ring pull of the can, this adds to the high quality aesthetic showing attention to detail. 

I tried the normal effect but I couldn't taste any difference between this and other energy drinks I have had in the past. However, I have only tasted Red Bull and supermarkets own brands of energy drinks so I plan to taste a wide range of energy drinks, especially those aimed at students and a younger demographic, such as Monster and Rockstar, to see if I can then taste any difference.

The sugar free effect again tasted just like many other sugar free energy drinks I have tasted, so nothing unique in taste but it is offering a lot more benefits than other energy drinks. 

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