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Censorship & 'Truth'

Ansel Adams, Moonrise Hernandes New Mexico

Dark room manipulation, you can change the effects the photo displays. 

This is not a true photograph it has been manipulated in photoshop. 
Shows what can be done with manipulation of photography. 

These are not real adverts. 

This is similar to the sort of thing Adbusters do and this links to the debate surrounding is advertising ethical? At what point does there need to be a line drawn. 

Legs were elongated in photoshop. 
Is there a problem with manipulating in order to sell things. 

When comes to documentary photography and documentary film, does it start to matter as these have the power to communicate specific messages. 

A newspaper manipulated these photographs together and the photographer then complained as it wasn't representing the true situation. This was done for dramatic effect.

The idea of truth in documentary photography goes back to this. 
Robert Capa, Death of loyalist soldier.

In terms of truth it is interesting as Robert Capa is actually a psuedonym in order to sell photos, this was not his real name. 

Does this image show the point of death or was it set up? Some argue if this matters as the image still communicates a message.

It was in fact the actual death of a soldier, but not in a traditional combat. 

‘With lively step, breasting the wind, clenching their rifles, they ran down the slope covered with thick stubble. Suddenly their soaring was interrupted, a bullet whistled - a fratricidal bullet - and their blood was drunk by their native soil’ – caption accompanying the photograph in Vue magazine.

This paints a poetic image in terms of showing what has gone on, persuading you to think about it in a certain way. 

- post modern thinker. 
Key texts - Simulacra and Simulations.

Idea of simualtion - What you see bears no relation to reality whatsoever.

‘In the first case, the image is a good appearance: the
representation is of the order of the sacrament. In the
second, it is an evil appearance: of the order of malefice.  In
the third, it plays at being an appearance: it is of the order of
sorcery.  In the fourth, it is no longer in the order of
appearance at all, but of simulation’.

This talks about the mile of death that took place of morning of the day the war ended.

This is talking about the run up to the second gulf war. 

This happens outside of when the war had finished. 

This is showing you something very different to what the press want to show you. 
Images are distressing. 

Baudrilard suggesting it is not really a war like we know it, we might see it as a simulated war or a reproduction of a war. 

Showing real aspect of war with these images. 

This appeared on front of lot of British newspapers. 

Technology has allowed for high quality photographs in papers. British press were criticised for using this on front of papers as it is too true for people sitting having breakfast reading the news, but we then question do we want the truth that we read to be censored by what someone else thinks?

This quote is one sided. 

Below is a quotation from the above book.

An-My Le


Censorship in Advertising -  

Cadbury flake adverts, play on sexual ambiguity. 

The following quote talks about this advert. 

Notions of racism. Oliviero Toscani

Top right created a suggestion that this man was dying as an aids sufferer, but is this the truth? This could be a simulated scene, but reported as though it is true. 

Beneton is italian comapny - 
Italy being catholic country, homosexuality fround upon. 

Could question if there is anything as innocent as a baby being born. 

The above image was acceptable but the previous laying down position was banned. It was argued that the position was too sexual before. 

The question of nudity is discussed at some length. 
Mothers son kissing mum and holding breast, classed as acceptable as this is art. 

Is this fine art or is it graphic design. 
Recreating of manet painting. 

Nude 15 year old. 

Does fine art production sit outside of restrictions? Should it?

Amy Adler - The Folly of Defining 'Serious' Art

Images of Children, are these done in an artistic way?

Should people without a certain education be able to make sure decisions about censorship.

Obscenity Law

Sally Mann, Candy Cigarette, 1989

Not actually smoking but should the candy cigarette be available to buy as promoting smoking. 

Immediate Family, 1984-92
Son and daughters

Are these images damaging to the children, should they be available. 

Tierney Gearon 

There is something saudid about the use of these masks. 

The photographer is naive more than innocent. Former fashion model who started to get into photography of her own. 

A lot of elements of gaze theory tie into this, grandfather in back with children looking on. Male looking on at a female. 

Nan Goldin Klara and Edda Belly-dancing, 1998

Capturing image of children playing. 

Put in Baltic. 

Richard Prince, Spiritual America, 1983
Brooke Shields age 10.

Spiritual America, as censored in the Tate's Pop Life exhibition catalogue.

Legal view points are changing.

Richard Prince, Spritiual America IV 2005

Brooke Shields again.

She asked to be photographed to reclaim back her own body. 

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