Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Comminication Arts Annual

When looking through the Communication Arts Annual in the library today I saw a few things that stood out to me and made me further appreciate print. 

This billboard uses the fact that it is a physical piece of print as part of the promotion with the paper rolled up and positioned to look like a tissue. This would immediately draw attention to the billboard being so unique and three dimensional. 

Above you can see an advertisement for YUPO which is a synthetic paper company. The images do not do this advert justice but the texture of the frog feels scaly and very strange with the eyes so glossy they almost feel wet. I spend quite a few minutes feeling the different textures on this advert and I think such papers would be great to tell stories or similarly to this in promotions as it encourages the audience to interact. 

I searched for this company online and found their site, however as it is the tactile quality of the papers that interested me the site was dissapointing as you couldn't touch it and there isn't an option to request any samples. 

They do give a description of their papers. 

YUPO® synthetic papers are neither natural paper nor plastic film. Instead, they combine and surpass the benefits of both. Produced on the basis of polypropylene, YUPO® is a paper with unique characteristics and superior functionality.

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