Saturday, 14 December 2013


Today we had a really inspiring and eye opening talk from digital design agency Numiko.

They explained that they make products designed to last and that they work with a lot of entertainment business and brands. 

They went through a few myths surrounding digital design and explained why these were incorrect. 

  • Designers need to be able to code. This is incorrect as they have separate teams within Numiko, some people design and some code. Matthew explained that while it is good to have a basic understanding of coding it can often hinder the design process if you know everything about coding as you may limit ideas. 
  • You need to move to London. Numiko are based in Leeds and work with big clients such as BBC and Disney! They explained how they sometimes travel to London but also communicate through e-mail and phone calls, they also explained that the rent is cheaper in other cities such as Leeds. 
  • There are too many limitations. You can do so much with digital design now there are actually little limitations. Type on web is a good example of this as this has progressed hugely since the creation of the internet. 
This was really interesting to hear as many of these myths I believed so it was great to hear that I do not need to understand everything about coding. Matthew went on to show us some examples of Numiko's work and spoke about their design process. I noted down a few key points. 

When pitching for a job it is important to be rapid and show key parts of the proposed design. Designers will not spend too long on this as they may not get the job!

It is important to discover what the client actually wants in terms of audience, etc. This insight is needed to complete the brief to the best ability. 

After they have discovered everything needed they begin to translate this into a design. 

'There is nothing more dangerous than the right answer to the wrong question.'
- I noted this question down as I felt I could relate to it. Matthew explained how you could spend ages designing for what you thought the client wanted but even if you have a great design if it isn't answering the brief you have failed and wasted time. This stresses the importance of the discovery stage and defining exactly what it is the client wants. 

They explained how they develop personas/user stories for each project they complete, helping to understand the audience and what they want, stemming from research. 

Matthew also explained how although it is great to design and do new things with digital design if this isn't clear to the audience this could be dangerous. The audience needs to understand the site and be able to find what they want. 

Consistency was also discussed as the pages of a site need to have a level of consistency. Design patterns give this consistency. 

I found looking at the work Numiko creates and listening to how they work really interesting as it changed my original perceptions of digital design. I think I would enjoy learning more about this agency and potentially visiting to see for myself how they work. It has made me look at digital design differently and I now plan to investigate this field in more detail.  

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