Saturday, 14 December 2013

Creative Leaflets

As part of my promotional materials I want to produce an information/promotional leaflet. However, I want this to be different to your everyday leaflet in format as I want it to be exciting to hold and read to get the audience excited about foraging. 

I'm not really looking at visual design here more the format of these leaflets as I would apply my own design.

This leaflet has many folds so would be able to be open in different ways, encouraging the audience to interact and play with the leaflet. The information would need to be broken down into smaller parts due to the nature of the folds but this could be quite interesting. 

I came across this very strange and unusual little leaflet idea. That opens almost into a hole for you to look through. This reminds me of foraging as the activity involves looking for foods. I think this is definitely too small but I could make this bigger perhaps. It is also a bit too complex, I'm not sure I would get a lot of info on this and I want to tell the audience what foraging is and what go wild is. 

This did however lead me to think about never ending cards, like you used to get in cereal packs, as I know these are more simple to make and I would be able to get more information on each side. 

It is hard to show how these cards work without a video but the audience can continuously fold the card and reveal the different faces. 

This again links to the activity of foraging as the audience will look and use their hands to reveal and find information. These cards are also quite addictive and hard to put down which is a good thing when trying to promote. 

Looking at a more simple leaflet I could have concertina fold that joins at the front to make one image. This could be the logo or illustrations. This would give a lot more room for information and it wouldn't need to be cramped at all. 

Rather than one folding leaflet I could make and distribute small leaflet sized folders with information cards inside. This would allow the audience to keep specific bits as often whole leaflets get thrown away. 

A simple concertina leaflet could be effective, although it is a more common method of producing a leaflet it is a good way of breaking down and distributing information. This style of leaflet could work perhaps as part of the info pack received when booking a walk rather than the promotional leaflet. 

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