Thursday, 5 December 2013

Effect - Modernist Influenced Design

As the design of effect is so minimal and somewhat clinical I want to look at modernist design as I think this could ensure the designs I create fit with the brand but are also more visually appealing that the existing designs, in particularly to students. 

Perhaps incorporating pattern like with this design would make the design more visually engaging. The circles could be incorporated with this but I don't want to simply stick to the existing logo/design. 

Simple and flat colour scheme maintains the minimal design.

Brighter colour can still look simple. Working with circles in a more creative way and thinking about colour and overlap. Type is kept simple which is important as the brief specifies you must use Helvetica Neue, this will fit with a modernist aesthetic. 

More posters from the same collection. Geometric shapes used again but in very different ways. Although I really like the circular pattern I want to offer something slightly different to what has been done before with the brand and circles are there main feature. 

The triangular pattern within the large triangle could work with the brand, still using geometric shapes like in the logo but offering a different look. 

These posters are consistent with the layout and fonts used, consistency is something I definitely need to think about and consider as the brief requires that you create a campaign which will be made up of several formats, eg. poster, possibly bags and/or other promo materials. 

Typography is a large part of modernist design and bold type on a bright, flat background like this can create a large impact. 

This style hasn't been used within the brand before but it would visually link if the design maintained this level of simplicity.

Although I will be submitting my entry digitally different stocks may be useful to incorporate subtle textures that could would work the design. The brown stock used in this design gives a more organic aesthetic despite the design being simple and bold. 

This publication was designed by Abbas in the third year and it shows many different qualities of modernist design. Simple, flat colours, a strong use of grid, clean sans serif fonts such as Helvetica Neue as specified by the brief. Very basic illustration if used. 

The use of the red with black is interesting to see as these are colours I may have to use to maintain the brands aesthetic, however the other colours such as the blue and yellow work well with this red so perhaps I could introduce other colours to make it more appealing to a wider audience. 

Photographic imagery is used here but as this is monochrome and worked into the design it still has a modernist aesthetic. The brief states I must include a pack shot of the can which is of course photographic so perhaps altering the image in this way would be best, however I am not sure I would be allowed to do this. 

The central circle in the first and last posters creates an interesting and bold statement, this could work with the existing effect logo. 

This is a current take on modernist design and heavily typographic. I don't think this would appeal as much to students but it is interesting how the colours and fonts represent the brand without the use of heavy imagery. 

I would also like to play around with typographic layout to try and create an interesting three dimensional effect like this. 

This publication is based on Ikea which has a very simple, clean design. The layout and design reflect Ikea as a brand in the same way I need to represent effect. 

I am not sure if I will use illustration within my design but if I choose to I will use a very simple, almost icon like style as seen in the chair pattern. 

Another interesting typographic poster, again I think this would be too simple to appeal to students but experimenting with colour and the addition of imagery would make it more relevant to the target audience. 

Combining red with monochrome photography could work well for effect as the can is silver with the bold red logo. The amount of content within this design is also similar to the amount I think will work best for my campaign. I don't want to be too minimal as I don't think this will appeal to students but don't want to include too much to loose the clean, modernist aesthetic. 

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