Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Incredible Edible Todmorden

I took a trip to Todmorden today to see the ‘incredible edible’ place for myself. I hoped this would give me more of an insight into eating wild foods and it definitely did.

I firstly went to the tourist information centre hoping to find some initial info about the programme and it is clear that this is a big part of the community as there was a whole section of the little shop dedicated to it. I discovered from looking at this display that there is an ‘incredible edible farm’ growing things specifically for the community. I noted the address and decided to go on the way home as I was told it was a bit of a walk.

Salad bags were sold for a couple of pounds. 

These are some things that can be found at the farm. 

I thought this list of plants growing at the farm would be helpful so I took a close up picture of it. 

This could be helpful if I come to draw some of the plants. 

I picked up this green route map from the centre which shows all things related to incredible edible in Todmorden. There was a lot of stuff about bees and wildlife so I avoided these as I wanted to priorities the edible things in the town.

I started to walk towards the health centre as near here is an apothecary garden growing plants and herbs that can benefit health.

But on my way here I came across some plant beds with signs saying that these plants were edible. As I kept walking I noticed these were all along the path with signs above saying what is inside. These signs have been painted onto the walls showing the towns real passion for the programme.

Inside these were lavender, thyme, rosemary and others. 

They were quite dead but the signs helpfully told me what would grow here. 

Unfortunately when I got to the apothecary garden due to the time of year pretty much everything was dead! But I could see the signs that explained what things were/would be and how these can benefit you. 

I never knew lavender could help with headaches! Benefits like these could encourage people to forage, it doesn't need to be all about the eating. 

Thyme was one of the few plants that seemed to still be alive, although not exactly thriving. 

I didn't know you could eat primroses! 

I have never heard of 'woad' and some of the other things I found, but these could be things to look into. 

You can see the garden doesn't look too exciting at this time of year but I'm sure in the summer this will be a fantastic place. 

(it was also a very rainy miserable day.)

Here is an example of one of the many signs discussing how plants benefit bees, this isn't that relevant to what I am doing but still an interesting benefit of plants. 

I happened to see these lovely and relevant labelled jars in a shop on during my walk. Preserves are a great way of making foraged foods last and is something I have looked into a bit. The design is simple allowing the clever cut out fruits to speak for themselves. This cut out allows the real colour of the preserve to show through, using less ink which is always good in terms of ethical, natural looking design. 

I love the black on the creme coloured stock, this has a much more natural look than the white. This is something I will consider when I come to design my products. 

There were some other organic looking designs and packaging in this shop. Again the creme stock used for the bath melt label gives a natural, organic look but combined with a simple font still looks contemporary. 

I then walked to the train station to see the edible plant beds here. 

As I had predicted most things were dead and unfortunately there were not many signs here either saying what will be growing. 

I decided to try visit the farm as I could see I could keep looking around Todmorden centre but see very similar things. Although it had been really interesting and helpful I wanted to see this farm. 

It was dark when I arrived here and still very rainy so the photographs are not very good quality. 

When I walked into the first area of the farm I saw these ready beds. Nothing seemed to be growing here which I presumed was due to the time of year. 

There were no labels to say what these things were but something green was growing in this bed. 

The main part of the farm was actually closed but I there was a noticeboard with some information on. Incredible Edible Todmorden seems to be very popular.

I tried to get some photographs through the fences of the farm but you couldn't see much. 

I picked my first edible plants today while in Todmorden. 

Here is some lavender.

And rosemary, some of the few plants that were somewhat alive. 

I also picked up a postcard about incredible edible. 

This was a really helpful day and got me really excited about foraging. I really believe if something like this existed in Leeds people would engage with it and get passionate about eating wild food. 

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