Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Information Packs & Mail Outs - Packaging

I am designing an information pack that will be sent out to indivuals who book onto a foraging walk. This will include printed information as well as designed bags and a notepad. I need to work out how to package this as it will be sent through the post, but I want the package to look visually interesting. 

Belly bands could be used inside my pack to hold information together. 

Stickers could be a good addition to the pack I am sending out. These are simple easy promotional materials and can look visually exciting. 

This pack contains similar items to what I plan to send as most is printed information. The wrapping is a nice touch and makes the pack seem more special. I want this pack to be exciting and desirable to get the audience excited for their foraging walk. 

i instantly thought of a graze style box when I was thinking about how to package my pack as they are not too deep but enough to add a folded canvas bag. These are also able to fit through letterboxes so it would be cheaper to post the pack. 

I think I would want a bit more visual detail on my pack than just my logo however. 

I found a section of a packaging site that looks specifically at envelopes. 

I'm not sure I could fit a canvas bag in here but if I were to remove this from the pack I would be able to fit everything in an envelope rather than a box. 

I could screen print onto these to brand them and make them more visually interesting. 
Or use the green stock I have to add a splash of colour. 

If I wanted a more heavy duty envelope I could use a bubble wrap envelope. I could possibly get a really large envelope and fit the canvas bag in here as well. 

I love the above example as it makes the opening so much more fun. This would work realy well with the green stock I have but I would't use brown for the envelope itself. 

This is a polyprop envelope which is stronger than your average envelope. As you can see these can also be personalised through printing. If I don't include the canvas bags however I am not sure I would need an extra strong material I think a thick paper stock would hold the items sufficiently as most of the items are paper based. 

I found some interesting methods of packaging in the book Handmade Packaging. 

The green example in particular would be good for my design as this is my feature colour. I think the outer layer that slides off would however need to be more sturdy than this example but this would look visually exciting when it was delivered, the wrapping outside could feature the illustrations almost like a wrapping paper. 

The theme of this package is really relevant as it is called alotinabox and is all about growing plants!

It is brown stock again which I don't want to use as it wouldn't fit with my design but I could change this. This seems to be a graze style box again which seems a sensible and practical option. 

Another relavant themes box with the plants. Although this is again brown stock the print on it makes it much more exciting and more modern than the plain brown. 

I want the outside of the package to be engaging and this example is. 

These boxes are simple opening boxes like you would find items such as in stores packaged in rather than opening with a lid like the graze boxes. I can see how the design of these could adapt to my design  with illustrations with one feature colour.

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