Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Not Just Fleurons

Before I started the brief I wanted to look at what was submitted when this brief was live. 

A custom typeface was made and then a book was produced based on this. 

This was based on 'Floriography' which is a means of communication where by plants and flowers hold specific meanings, this is a Victorian concept. 

The simple style of the book lets the typeface be the focus. 

Creating a typeface is something I have never done before and would possibly like to try.

Focussing on one plant would make a more specific brief and I'm sure there would be a lot to find out and communicate. This could also lead to other areas. However, the script font and muted colours are something I want to avoid within my response to the brief. They are suitable for this as this links to vanilla but I want to create something really different, rather than what you often see when looking at plant related design. 

This was my favourite of the briefs I saw as it celebrated a garden but communicated this is a non stereotypically floral, natural manner. It was based on a public park in New York that has been made on top of a converted railway. The aesthetic combines photography of this park visualising the garden but the colour scheme, type and layout are more bold linking to the railway aspect.

This is a different kind of submission as the piece created is aimed at children and is an educational pack about the British garden. The colours and design applied are relevant to the audience and this is a fun way of changing the brief from simply making something that tells information, this has a clear purpose. 

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