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Stock, Substrate & Special Finishes

Focussing on stock, substrate and special print finishes find as many variants as possible for each of the following areas of design. 

  • Branding and Identity
  • Packaging & Promotion
  • Publishing & Editorial
  • Information & Wayfinding
Identify and evaluate the way the processes, stock, etc. have been used in relation to their function and purpose. What are the pros and cons of these processes, stocks, etc. ?

Branding & Identity


Off white heavy weight stock complements the deep red colour and brown envelope. The weight of stock used for the business card gives a tactile finish with the letterpress process. The colour of stock has been matched through the identity which is important. 

Bright yellow stock creates a real impact. Works especially well on the brown stock, real contrast again creates impact. The white must have been screen printed or the yellow could be printed and not the stock colour, as you cannot print white. 

A heavy weight stock has been used for the business card, more likely a thick card that you can see has somewhat of a texture. This helps create a deep emboss giving a high end and tactile finish. A gold stock has also been used rather than the foiling process. This again adds to the high quality and works against both the brown and off white stock. There is a consistency throughout with the colours and stock used. 

The close up image suggests this stock has more of a texture than everyday card. The black on this card works due to the high contrast but the red is also clear behind the black, important as these are loyalty cards and this is the stamp. The colour scheme chosen and texture work with the Mexican theme. 

You can see these colours have been Pantone referenced so will be able to be reproduced accurately. Such bright, vivid colours work well on the white stock as this gives the best contrast. Printing such colours on darker stocks would not have had the same effect and wouldn't have worked as well with the minimal, clean design theme. 

Although different stocks have been used throughout there is a consistency created with the colour scheme. The business cards have been colour edged which I have learnt is a difficult process. The cards must be a heavy weight, thick stock for this to be fully appreciated. 

Brown stock seems to be somewhat of a trend recently appearing on a lot of design blogs. Combining the brown with pastel shades gives a more contemporary, different aesthetic. Different stocks have been layered and stuck together here but this has been done to a high standard. 

Printing onto black stock can be very difficult but here white has been applied to ensure text is readable as there is a high contrast. Spot UV has also been used for parts of the text which is visible due to the difference in texture and shine/reflection. This creates both a high end and tactile quality. The die cutting process has also been used on one of the cards to give a clean and professional cut. 

Packaging & Promotion

Brown stock used again here but in different ways - used as the product (label) and packaging with the box and tape. I wasn't aware you could print on tape in this way but the effect looks neat and professional and works with the rest of the design with the consistency of black on brown. 

The die cut shapes reveal the bright and bold patterns underneath these wrappings. The outer layer being mainly off white ensures the pattern stands out. Foiling has also been applied to the card, combining this and the die cutting creates a high end looking product. 

More brown stock but this has been foiled in areas which I haven't seen before. There isn't a high contrast in colour between the brown and gold but the image is clear due to the shine. There is a consistency through these products with the colour scheme used with the red being applied in different ways such as printed or on stickers. 

Die cutting has been used to cut the same shape out of this example of packaging. This creates an interesting visual when the package is opened. The card stock has also been printed on one side again  making a more interesting opened pack.

This is a good example of how you can apply print to a wide range of stocks and substrates. Different print processes will have been applied such as digital printing and possibly pad printing to apply to such as the pencil. 

Here you can see how stock can be used in creative ways such as different folding methods, to promote. Colour has been carefully considered and chosen and the production method has been worked around this to create the effect. There is a consistency between the product and packaging through the colour selection and patter. 

Printed on a metallic material this still retains a natural and organic feel due to the applied print. The designers explained they wanted to suggest a sense of vibrancy and energy for the morning and the silver material adds this combined with the geometric pattern. 

The same pattern has been printed on different wrapping materials such as as brown paper and thinner off-white wrapping. Both have the same organic qualities due to the colour and textures. The design has been carried through to promotion printed on canvas bags and an apron, again very different substrates but the colour ensures consistency. 

The neutral coloured stocks work perfectly with the foiling applied to create the feminine and elegant design theme for this perfume packaging. Simplicity of design adds style and allows the materials to be a focus. 

The die cut shapes highlight the pattern on packaging but also allow the audience to see the inside product. The colour of the fish coming through in this works well with the monochrome design. The product has been clearly considered with this packaging. 

Publishing & Editorial

When creating a hard back perfect bound book a thick stock is covered with a material to print on. Here this has been foiled creating a high quality finish to the book. The colour of the cover works well with the gold foil as it is a neutral tone. 

Simple soft back book with the cover made with a black stock a white debossed logo giving a sophisticated, high quality, tactile finish. The white foil ensures the logo is clear to read and encourages people to engage with the product. 

When making newspapers like this a much thinner stock is used for ease of folding, such stocks are also cheaper to buy meaning the newspapers can be cheaply reproduced. This is however a much higher end newspaper with the neon print. The envelope has been made from a much higher quality, thicker stock for distributing, including the neon orange colour. 

This book has been colour edged with the neon yellow giving attention to detail gives a high end feel. This also means that wherever you look at the book the colour scheme will be consistent. 

This book includes different levels of stock with shorter black and brown pages adding an interesting element as you read. The three colours work together well crating a contemporary look. The cover has also been foiled with gold to work with the brown. 

The cover of this book is glossy, you can se the reflection from it, but this is contrasted with the brown card cover as this has a dull, matte finish. The contrast and the format of the packaging make a visually and physically engaging book.

Printing on stock such as this acetate can help create an interactive and engaging book. The audience layers the printed acetate over the pages to read. The stock is the most important part of this book and makes the concept. 

Information & WayFinding

Printed onto the floor and walls this example of way finding uses its positioning to create this strange but visually interesting effect so that when you are walking down this corridor you can read the numbers. The bright colour and simplicity of imagery/icons creates a modern aesthetic relevant to the context of the Innovation Center. 

Information graphics screen printed in bright colours onto newsprint. Using newsprint works with the aim of these graphics which is to spread the word and facts about girls having babies so young. The off white colour of the stock also works well with the bright pink colour, if this were bright white this could have looked harsh and unwelcoming.

Simple icons used to direct through a store. These could be applied with vinyl stickers or painted directly onto the wall. 

This information graphic project is about the urban farming movement, which is why brown and creme stocks work so well giving a natural look. The toned down colours also help with this design aesthetic. Interesting folding and binding techniques have been applied to make the product engaging. 

Cut out shapes revealing a background can work just as well as way finding as you can see here. The orange and natural looking cork wall work well combining traditional and natural look with a contemporary bright orange plastic. The black printed text is readable and clear due to the high contrast.

This printed info graphic pack is based on bees which is why the hexagon shape has been used throughout. The colour of the stock links to the bee theme also as it has a natural aesthetic and the thicker brown card is able to hold the thinner off white information cards.  Weight of stock when packaging is important in comparison to what the packaging is going to hold. 

Information graphic installation created from cut wood. Showing information graphics do not have to be printed onto paper. 

A die cut front cover reveals a section of an image and also works with the consistent theme thorugh the book of circles filled with the info graphics. The brown stock and tertiary colour scheme is also consistent throughout working well together. 

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