Thursday, 2 January 2014

Website Research

Although I am going to continue the same aesthetic and colour scheme onto my web side of the Go Wild brief I wanted to look at some websites to gain inspiration regarding layout and design. 

I looked the innocent website as this has a real organic aesthetic and this is a good example of how websites can be an extension to physical products as the design is consistent with innocent bottles and branding. The hand renderd box around the photograph is similar to that I have used in my printed materials, and this works well in this example. I could possibly incorporate the line I have used through my print into my website. 

I looked at the incredible edible websites as there focus is quite similar to mine but the design isn't similar to what I was thinking of for my website. These are too simple and not very visually engaging. The information is clear in the Lancaster website but I feel it could be more engaging and presented better. 

Th layout of the graze website is simple but easy to follow. This is important for my website as there will be a lot of information so I don't want the audience to not be able to find things. Keeping the navigation bar at the top I think will realy help with this. 

The hand rendered illustrations work within this website as they are consistent throughout and due to the simplicity of the rest of the site. The illustrations are a large part of the identity of my brand so I will need to include them on my site. Because of this I want to keep layouts simple.

The line under the navigation bar is neat and separates this from the content well. This is a fairly unusual homepage with the images in the sides. I do however really like this as the images are still main features and frame the centre well. The colour scheme is simple also which is something I will be trying to include as my printed material is limited in colour. This simplicity is what gives a professional finish. 

The layout and navigation through this site a bit more complex than usual with the navigation bar not at the top. I want to keep my nav bar at the top as I think this is the easiest method of getting through a site, but I really like the way this home page is split into bars separating information. 

This website is long meaning the audience have to scroll through. This style could be relevant on ideas I have had for the pages such as the hints and tips page. But if there is not enough information I don't want it to be long. Again illustrations are a large part of this website but the simple layout and organisation keeps the website looking neat and not overwhelming or confusing.

I found a great website that included some of what they call the best organic websites. This was realy helpful as although I want my site to continue the organic design theme I also want it to look like a contemporary website. 

This is possibly a bit too organic looking and bordering on tacky. The simple layout would be easy to follow however and the colour is  similar to the colour I have used as stock, which I too want to use as a background colour. 

I really like this website as the combination of brighter colours with the creme background create a good balance between organic and contemporary. This is similar to how I want my site to look as I will be combining the creme colour with the bright green I have been using. The layout is simple with the logo being a clear feature and link to the homepage. This is common but easy to understand trait in websites. 

This is almost minimal in design with the navigation buttons being so small in the large bar at the top. However this works well with the design and the logo is a clear feature. I like the image filling the main content of the homepage but I am not sure if this would work on my site as I haven't used photographs.

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