Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Morrisons - Store Visit & Photographs

As the brief states I thought it would be useful to make some observations of a store to gain inspiration for the design but also to help generate ideas for the resolution of the brief. 

I photographed the store I work in, Wetherby, as this is currently being modernised featuring the new Morrisons in store designs. 
These updates work much better with the market street concept of Morrisons with a lot of hand rendered typography.

Wines & Spirits Department

Chalkboard style signage much like a wine bar ensuring the customers trust the quality of Morrisons selection of wine, but also creating a welcoming friendly aesthetic. 

Clear labels with wooden stands working with the natural aesthetic.

Such typography is used in a lot of Morrions promotions, this gives a modern and sophisticated aesthetic, implying such traits relate to the brand of Morrisons but also combines the heritage and modern aspects of the brand with the more traditional serif fonts mixed with the simpler sans serif fonts. 

The hand rendered type continues onto coloured signage also.


This department includes fresh produce - fruit and vegetables both ready packed and fresh to pick. 

Typography is a main element of the design again in this area labelling the department. This however has a different script font in addition to a sans serif font, this is used through the store in various places and again works with the natural aesthetic that links to the fresh aspect Morrisons prides itself on. 

Very traditional looking greengrocers label on a brick textured background.

The red, yellow and white clearly represents a special offer largely contrasting against the more natural colour scheme through the rest of the store. 

More hand rendered typography. Although a lot of hand rendered typography around the store this is used in small amounts and combined with more structured typography.

There are small fridges throughout the store that are filled with promotional items. 

These red signs are also used through the store to indicate such offers, allowing customers to easily recognise an offer. 

Fresh To Go

This department is part of the market street and sells freshly made sandwiches and pizzas in addition to allowing customers to prepare there own salads and create there own pizzas - giving a much more personal shopping experience. 

More hand rendered typography in this department sign.

This area holds the freshly made sandwiches as well as pre-packed sandwiches and drinks, ideal for people coming to buy lunches. 

You can see the create your own pizza section with signage very much reminiscent of an Italian Pizza place. 

This moves round to an Italian section filled with pizza, pasta, etc. Which includes a typographic design like that in the Wines & Spirits department, although the words are obviously appropriate to the section.


This department allows the customer to select meat and cheese and have this cut to a weight/thickness they want, again giving amore personal experience.

The department label is again traditional in aesthetic, although this hasn't actually been updated to the new signage which is why it is slightly different to the other designs. 

There is a refrigerated island outside the deli counter with deli snacks and pre-packed/wrapped meat and cheese. Offering a faster service if the customer doesn't want to get specific weights or sizes of meat or cheese. 

Cake Shop

The sign of this department again visually resembles the content and purpose of the department. 

The cake shop as you would expect sells cakes, pastries and other sweet treats. In addition to pre-packed cakes many are made or hand decorated/prepared in store. 

The pink stripes and hand-rendered type again works within the market aesthetic, linking to the hand finished products. 

There is a refrigerated cake island for the freshly prepared cakes. This is stocked throughout the day so cakes are always fresh.

The sign 'away with the fairies', is a fun, tongue in cheek promotion. Language like this could be fun to use within our in store innovation as they could make the shopping experience more fun. 

The design is carried out throughout the department. 


Another example of hand rendered typography within the store. The many lines of bread are also made and baked in store along with other pre-packed lines. 

With the new, updated layout of my local store the milk is next to the bread. This is because these are often things people come for together classed as essentials, bread and milk. Morrisons thinks of the customer with the layout of the stores. 

Butchers & Fishmonger

Meat is cut in store and can be cut to the customers preference.

Signs are included behind the butchery counter making the most of the space and making the professional equipment in the back look less intimidating. 

As you can see in the above photograph there is a chalk-board sign on the counter with the name of the butcher working on that day. This gives a friendly and approachable feel making the customer feel more comfortable and as though they can talk to the butcher as more of a friend than a member of staff. 

The chalkboard aesthetic has been seen in other areas of the store and so could be a good aesthetic to use. 

Similarly to the butchery department customers can get fish cut how they like and even bagged with a flavoured butter ready to put in the oven, for further convenience. 

The surrounding signage is different to the butchers but very relevant to the department. 

The fishmonger department was previously at the front of the store but has been moved nearer the end as customers were buying fresh fish at the beginning of their shop and then having it sitting in their trolley for some time before the end of their shop and before they got home. This new location aims to reduce time fish will be sitting in customers trolleys. 

Flower Shop

The flower shop is quite obviously the department where flowers and plants can be found but as part of the store update customers can create their own bouquet and select wrapping and a gift card to make a more personal bunch of flowers. This again links more to a traditional market street giving a really personal shopping experience. 

A more ornate typographic sign appropriate to the floral theme. 

The chalkboard aesthetic again carried through in this department, the green colour also works well with the black and white. 

Outdoor plants can also be purchased here. 

This is the area where customers can have their personal bouquet wrapped in their choice of wrappings and cards. 

Shop Floor

I photographed the shop floor mainly looking at promotions and signage. 

There is painted signage on the walls as seen near the fresh to go section. 

This looks contemporary and makes the store look more visually interesting, but also helps customers navigation around the store. 

Three dimensional storage is also around the store in smaller areas such as the chilled dairy section. This combination of fonts is seen throughout the store and combines the traditional aesthetic linking to the market street with a more contemporary design. 

This also helps navigation.

Simple signage coming from shelves again helping break up larger departments giving customers clear direction. 

The M Kitchen range is a range of higher end products, but not as high end as the M Signature range. You can read about the M Kitchen, based in Morrisons head office, in my previous research post. 

In store promotions are also advertised through the store on shelf signage as seen above. The red and yellow as seen previously is bright and really stands out making the customer take notice. 

Pick of the shop refers to the best offers in the store at the time. As you can see these are promoted on the shelves and on hanging signs in the middle of aisles to ensure customers are aware of the best offers. The yellow and red colour scheme is again used here showing a promotion. 

More signs on the walls stating what products are in this area. 

As online shopping has just launched there is a lot of in store promotions linking to this and explaining it. These signs that fit on the card machines on the self-scan area and tills are fun small signs that tell customers that they can now shop online. I think this is a great place to promote as this is somewhere a lot of customers will be looking. 

Although I work in this store and obviously see it a lot paying such close attention to the designs and promotions has been really helpful and I think it will be especially helpful when Mel and I come to think of a design aesthetic for our in store innovations. 

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