Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Alternative Movie Posters

To help me understand what an alternative movie poster actually is I thought it would be beneficial to look for some 'alternative movie posters' to see if there were any commonalities.
 I selected some of the posters that I found the most interesting. 

Flat colours, very image based with a limited colour palette used. 


This is really simple with a limited colour pallette but is still identifiable as Hulk. Interesting how there is very little text on this. 


I liked the hand rendered aspect of this movie poster with the image, and how this works with the much more simple layout. 
Again very simple in comparison to movie posters you see on buses, etc. 

Again simple but I really liked the contrasting colours here as this makes you take notice of the small flag. 

This is the first photographic poster I have seen but even this is simpler in comparison to most I found and again there is a clear and simple colour scheme. There was a lot more text on this also. 

The following examples are all from the website that we must submit our posters too as part of the brief. 

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

I love this poster! I love the amount of detail and this balanced with the simplistic colour scheme. This doesn't look a lot like the actual film but it is a really interesting interpretation. There is little detail about the film such as actors, etc. but I feel this works well as there is so much detail in the poster itself. 


I am starting to notice that a lot of the posters are quite flat in their design but in most cases this works well. This example definitely benefits from the flat colour as this is a child friendly film. I like that a more unique shape has been used rather than a stander a size, especially as this works with the nature of the poster with the balloons floating up. 


It is interesting to see different variations of the same film. This uses only two colours but opacity creates some distinction with the clouds. This is really different to the previous as this has added texture and more detail, yet both clearly represent the film. 

The Dark Night

Some of the examples I looked were more obvious in their representation like the above example. Less information has been included on this but this works as there is a lot more detail in the imagery. 

Clint Eastwood Trilogy 

It is interesting how the posters can still communicate the time period as this looks a lot more dated than such as the up posters with the use of colour. 
This shows that the posters can be more detailed as you can see the gun features a lot of detail.

Again a minimal colour scheme and minimal text. Typography is very important in such posters as this communicates a lot about the film. 


I haven't seen the film Drive but it is interesting how the previous two posters are for the same film but look so drastically different, this suggests that you can be more interpretative with these posters rather than communicating the obvious.

Zero Dark Thirty

I felt this was more like the movie posters we see today, but less photographic. I felt this due to the amount of detail given about the film. 

Black Swan

There was no text at all in this poster but the representation was still very clear. I think if the image is so detailed and relevant, as this is, then it is probably not necessary to include too much information about the film, although I would like to include at least the title. 

Burn After Reading

Again playful with the type used and working with flat colour. 

Breakfast At Tiffany's 

This is my favourite poster of the ones I have looked at so far, maybe because I love the film, but I really like how through using only simple shapes the figure is depicted so clearly. The texture also works really well adding more depth. 

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