Monday, 9 December 2013

Effect - Coasters

I have looked into some coaster designs simply because I am designing some as part of my response to the effect brief and I have never worked in this format before so wanted to get an idea of shape and possible designs. 

Round, full bleed colour simple colour scheme. Simple text combined with an illustration - as these illustrations are quite detailed I don't think any more information could be included. 

The coasters in the bottom left corner are consistent in design, black and white colour scheme, white line border. Again round. 

These are also consistent in design and simple, as coasters are not huge in scale shouldn't have too much detail. Circular coasters seems to be most popular but I would like to be a bit different with mine. 

These are unique in shape linking to the concept of this restaurant. The white and red works well which is useful to see as these are two colours I am working with. 

Square coasters with typographic design. Again quite simple and no detail against the edges of coasters. 

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