Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Effect - Questionnaire Responses

Unfortunately I only got 17 responses to my survey but following feedback from peers I feel I have a direction with this brief now anyway, but it has been interesting to see what students have said about energy drinks. 

Unfortunately I only got 5 males to answer the survey, in future I think I will look into other ways of gathering responses rather than social media.

I good variety of ages for students. 

It was interesting to see what stage in the degree the students were in and comparing this to how many energy drinks they consumed and for what reason. 

Of the 9 students that responded to the survey in their third year 44.4% used energy drinks when they felt they needed one and 2 used to compensate for insufficient sleep, which is what I expected being a stressful year. 

You can see these results were quite varied and this would have been more conclusive had I have received more responses. I don't feel many students are 'hooked' on energy drinks but I feel they are used a lot as a source of energy, rather than the more healthy sources of energy - slow releasing carbs, etc. 

It was interesting to see that some people do simply drink them because they like the taste rather than the energy and that nobody that took the survey drank them to assist hangovers, which I thought would have got a few responses. This tells me that I was right to avoid linking my campaign to alcohol. 

I wasn't suprised to see that nobody that took the survey stated effect as their preferred energy drink as it is not known in the UK at all really. Again there was no clear winner in this question due to the lack of responses but the popular options are as I expected the big, well known brands such as Lucozade, Red Bull, Monster and Relentless.

Although this hasn't been massively helpful it has been interesting to get some more specifically student  based feedback about energy drinks and I will keep my findings in mind when coming up with design concepts. 

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