Monday, 30 December 2013

Effect - Student Posters

As following during the crit the general feedback, and my own thoughts, were that my designs probably wouldn't appeal to students and were too clinical and dull. However, as I struggled so much with coming up with a design due to the existing design aesthetic of the brand effect, I decided to look into posters aimed at students or a more youthful audience rather than the more sophisticated modernist design I previously looked at. 

This has a similar level of simplicity to a lot of the modernist design I looked at previously and the monochrome photography is also similar but this is instantly more appropriate to the student audience with the addition of the pattern and gradients, giving a more current look. 

The geometric nature of this design would fit well with the brand effect but the colours would need to be made more appropriate.

More geometric design that I feel would fit with the brand very well. I don't however want to include too much black as I want to keep it bright and bold. 

I love the use of pattern within these posters and creating a pattern with circles would be fitting the effect. I also like the use of photography but I am not sure what photographs I would use other than the image of the can. 

Gradients seem popular within such night posters and give a modern look. I like the combination of the gradient with the more defines triangle shapes. 

These would definitely appeal more to a student audience with the wild pattern in the background. Creating a pattern and combining with a stronger, flat shape in the foreground like in these posters, could work for the effect campaign as it would be more appealing to students than the existing promotions but still work with and visually represent the brand. 

This pattern looks to be have created using paint and scanned in. This is an interesting method and something I would like to try. 

Flat design can also work for a student audience as this is vibrant and bold with the use of bright colours, but still has a clean aesthetic with the font used and the flat colour rather than gradients. The fun illustrations make this really appropriate for a student audience but I don't think such humour would work with the tone of voice within my campaign. 

Simple two colours still looks suitable for audience with quirky illustration and hand rendered, on trend typography. 

I think this could be too simple however and look more like my existing design. 

Again simple but the way the photograph has been edited is really interesting. If allowed I could possibly do something like this with the image of the can. I do feel the designs I create for effect need more detail than this overall design. 

A complex design despite using flat colours. I could build a design similar to this using elements such as the pulse, circles and then more geometric shapes. This is very appropriate for the audience and would catch the attention of passers by, i'm not sure how well this would apply to a range of products however, other than posters. I would also need to consider how to incorporate type and ensure it was readable and noticeable. 

Again simple but effective and appropriate to audience. Geometric shapes used again, keeping these red would ensure relevance to brand and using supplied font Helvetica Neue. Similarly to the previous however I am not sure how this would be applied to such as the coasters that are part of my campaign. 

Circles making up illustration would fit with the brand as I have seen this done before in their promotions. Combining block colour with this would make more appealing design rather than excess amounts of white, I am trying to avoid the clinical look that I feel is currently attached to the brand. 

More geometric shape but this time used more simply to break up the page rather than in pattern. 

Although this is has a fairly modernist aesthetic similar to the previous designs I looked at the colours used are much more contemporary giving the design more of a current aesthetic. 

Geometric pattern occurred in a lot of these designs so I looked for general patterns that I thought may work with the brand. Here you can see a range of patterns made up of simple block shapes, but the colour ensures they are fun and bright.

These patterns are much more elaborate but fitting with the student audience as they resemble music posters and remind me of sound waves. I would obviously combine something like this with typography to ensure the brand was clear, and I think a design like this would need to be simplified for use in promoting effect, but the detail and shapes used could work well. 

Looking at such a wide range of student aimed design has led me to generate many ideas of where I could take the design of my campaign. It is quite scary that I am planning to change the design so dramatically at this stage of the module, but I wouldn't be confident or satisfied submitting the current design as I don't feel it is fitting for the audience that is specified so clearly. 

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