Thursday, 3 April 2014

Embarc - Wine Branding

As this brief is asking me to come up with a new brand for a winery and also produce label designs I thought it would be helpful to look at existing designs. 

When I started researching I found that it is a very popular field and there are a lot of great designs already out there. 

Very unique, detailed design. Logo is separate from pattern meaning each can be used along or together, this is a positive as often the logo will need to be used without the pattern as the detailed pattern will not work at very small scales. 

Pattern however is a key part of the identity referring to the wines 'roots'.

Very simple, clean design gives a contemporary look. I love the way the circle creates an interesting label shape, a subtle addition to the standard rectangle label but makes a great difference. I don't think something this contemporary would be suitable for Embarc but the simple colour scheme could be implemented and the interesting label shape. 

I have seen a lot of wine brands working with this technique and although I think it works really well and makes a creative design it has become too common and I want the design to be as unique as possible. I really like the red wine colour combined with the creme colour, this gives a high class look which would be suitable for Embarc wines. 

Again this is quite contemporary but has interesting qualities that could be implemented in different ways. Instead of printing labels and sticking these onto the bottles designs could be printed directly on to the bottles like in this example. I also really like the idea of having the three labels of different wines on each bottle and simply crossing out, however I don't think I could do this for Embarc as I believe they have a lot of different wines. 

The level of sophistication and class with this example is more of the standard Embarc are aiming for. The serif font instantly adds class and elegance and combined with the pale pink colour scheme this creates a very expensive looking wine. Using wrap as a label like in this example could potentially work for Embarc, however as this is a quick turn around brief I am not sure if this is something I will have time to look into. 

Using type alone for the logo is another possibility and I think this adds to the class, however from the brief I get the feeling they want some kind of icon to accompany this. 


This is another contemporary design but I like the use of the bottle within the design rather than printed labels. I do think this would add cost but as Embarc wines are expensive anyway I don't think this would be an issue. 

The illustrations give a contemporary look with the way they are built from geometric shapes, however simple illustration is an effective way of communicating a brand and can be very recognisable, and so this is something I may look at. 

I don't think this is a great wine brand as I don't feel it is very clear that it is wine, it look more novelty, however I like the use of a creative label and using this to represent something. Perhaps with the label design I could shape it to represent something that links to Embarc, like the outline of California. 

As the brief suggests they want an icon within their logo I felt that this was quite interesting. A bird is incorporated into the wine glass shape which is a clever representation of an element of their brand. The icon is almost a silhouette which means it will work at a range of sizes, this is something to remember as when designing icons or images to be part of logos these will often need to work at different sizes and so shouldn't be overly complicated.

This is a good balance between contemporary and traditional design which is what Embarc are looking for. The colour scheme gives a classic and traditional look whereas the clean sans serif font and use of geometric patterns makes it more contemporary. Combining fonts in this way is something I will look at when designing the label designs.  

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