Sunday, 5 January 2014

HK Beauty - Business Cards & Loyalty Cards

Although I have looked into business cards a lot in the past I wanted to look at just a few to look at potential layouts to assist my development with the business card I am designing for Harriet. 

These cards are just one sided which is unusual but all relevant information does fit on this one side. 
Also simple in that they only use one colour plus stock, I could work with this for the HK business cards as the pink is the feature colour. 

Pattern is a key feature here and Harriet has said she wants to incorporate pattern. I think one side should be primarily pattern or the pattern be a key feature as this works well here, the other side should however be kept quite simple to balance this. 

Printing on white stock can make colour look extra vibrant. I think the cards will be printed on white as Harriet is going to have them printed commercially but you can see in this example that colour can really create impact so I may try use the colour in small 'bursts'.

Again this example uses pattern which is what I will be working with for the cards and identity. I like the use of it as a border, this example is classy and sophisticated which is what I want the HK cards to look like. 

The pattern used here is quite feminine. although greyscale. Again the logo is placed on a background to separate it from the pattern which is something I will need to think about. 

Loyalty Cards

I wanted to look at a few examples of loyalty cards to get an idea of how to lay out the design. I think the front will be simple with just a logo and perhaps title but I am not sure how big the stamp areas should be and if these should be empty shapes, etc. 

Numbering the stamp areas is a good idea and will make it clear for the customer how many they have left to collect. There is quite a bit of text on this example and they have even included contact details which is a good idea. 
I want to ensure the customer knows what the card is for but don't want to overload with information and text. 

How Harriet will mark the cards is something else I will think about as she could stamp, write or even punch a hole like this example, however this will affect whatever is on the reverse. 

Simple coloured marks work well in this example and I do have a key colour for the HK brand. 

I also need to think about whether the card will be portrait or landscape as I have seen various examples so far. 

This is one of my loyalty cards and I like the way the shapes have been filled with a simple image. I think using the HK symbol in the shapes will work well. 

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