Monday, 17 February 2014

Morrisons - Points/Loyalty Cards

As I am designing the points card for our Morrisons brief I photographed some of my own to get an idea of what to include and potential designs. 

As such cards are so common I wanted to ensure that the design I create stands out in the customers purse/wallet. 

The Superdrug card is really appropriate to the audience with the use of the mirror and this also gives it an additional practical use. In addition to this it would also stand out amongst the many other cards in purses. On the reverse there is a code to be scanned in the shop and a signature area, it is interesting that this doesn't have a magnetic strip to be swipes as I know that at Morrisons staff discount cards have the strip and need to be swiped, but can also be scanned. 

This is very in keeping with the Boots brand with the logo being a key element but the feminine advantage card 'logo' also being used. These are personalised with names printed on the front which is something I don't think we will be wanting as we are going to be simply giving these out in store and customers can register them. 
These cards are put into chip and pin machines when using them and this is how the points go on, we could have our cards like this but I think it is better to have a swipe option. 

Again very fitting with Subway as a brand with the colours used but this is also a more intersting card as it uses clear plastic as well as coloured. This has a QR code to be scanned when getting points which is yet another possible method. 

This also has a number which most of the cards seem to have and the card I design will need this as it allows the customer to register it to them personally. 

This isn't a points card but it is a loyalty card that is marked when you spend over £5 and you receive £5 store credit every three times you use it. 

Again the card visually represents Body Shop as a brand and this is really important as these are all promotional items and when in customers purses, wallets, etc. you want them to be able to easily identify the card. 

A Nando's card again maintaining the identifiable brand. This is very simple in terms of the information on it but I think it has everything that is needed, a panel to allow it to swipe and a number to register. 

Again a card that is swiped and visually links to the costa brand. This has quite a bit of small print that I don't think many people will read but I would like to direct the audience to the website that they cn check their points balance on the reverse of the card. 

Starbucks offer a wide range of card designs and allow the customer to select their own and then register this. This adds a more personal touch and makes it seem like a gift but I don't think this is suitable or relevant for the Morrions card I am designing. Similarly to the Costa card this has a lot of small print which I don't think is all necessary but I do want to include some details. 

This is a Morrisons staff discount card (a very old and battered one but you get the idea). This can be both swiped or scanned and has some information on the reverse. I want the card I design to be more visually exciting than this as this is for staff and isn't really an incentive which the points card is. 

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