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Morrisons - Research Into Brand

I obviously already know quite a lot about Morrisons but I wanted to look into the offers they have had previously, in store promotions and other elements of the brand. 

Here is a brief description of how Morrisons started. 

'It began as an egg and butter stall in Rawson MarketBradford, England. Until 2004, Morrisons store locations were primarily focused in the north of England, but with the takeover of Safeway in that year, the company now has 569 stores including 72 M local stores across the UK.'

Disney Cards

I remember that kids loved this promotion when it was in store as it involved them finding products in the store and then they would receive disney cards if they bought the stated items. Some of these cards were also special meaning they could be exchanged for a disney toy. 

Some also won holidays with the cards. 

Below you can see the in store promotions for this. These even had fairy lights in to attract children and make the items more obvious. 

Let's Grow

Let's grow is a promotion linking to schools, so again more linked to children, and customers receive let's grow vouchers for every £10 they spend and they could give these in to their schools and they could redeem them for gardening equipment. 

This promotion has it's own logo as you can see that fits with the Morrisons brand but also visually represents gardening and outdoors. 

Above is an example of the vouchers that are given out and handed into schools, again these visually link to outdoors and gardening whilst still having a Morrisons look with the fonts and colours used. 

Again this was promoted in store with banners, etc. 

Payback Bonus

This is a promotion that is run quite a few times in the year and customers have to spend a certain amount each week consecutively for three weeks and they get a voucher each week which they can then redeem for a £10 voucher to get off their shopping and a 10p off each litre of fuel voucher. This is very popular which is why it has been repeated. Customers love to save money and this encourages them to stay loyal to Morrisons as they have to spend the amount for a few weeks. 

Christmas Bonus

The Christmas Bonus is very similar to the payday bonus only lasts for longer (10 weeks) and the customers get a larger voucher at the end. 

Again this is very popular due to many wanting to save money at Christmas time. 

Elmwood Signage

When researching I found that Morrisons went to Elmwood for their 3D market street signs. 

Here is what Morrisons said about the designs. 

“Market Street is such an important element of Morrisons’ offering and Elmwood have really captured everything that is so special about it. From the strength of our in-house fresh food team to the genuine market-style shopping experience, we’re absolutely thrilled with the way Elmwood’s designs convey the authenticity of the proposition.”

And here is a quote from Martyn Hayes the senior design director of Elmwood. 

 “The most important thing for us was to really shout about Morrisons’ rich heritage and expertise when it comes to fresh food. Our design had to capture the essence of a proper market style atmosphere and the quality of the produce and presentation that goes along with that. The addition of the 3D elements to the signage was the final touch to bring the whole thing to life.”

I think these signs really emphasise the Market street and as Hayes said show the heritage of the brand which makes them look to customers like they know exactly what they are doing. 


The website is very obviously 'Morrisons' with the excess use of yellow and the site is very easy to navigate around with simple and easy to understand sections at the top. 

Market Street 

I found these promotions for Morrisons Market Street on the website and they are all very fitting with each different section but also with Morrisons as a brand with the font choices. They also have the same layout creating a consistency between them all. 

Butchers - wood represents tradition. 

Fish Monger - colours and silver effect link to skin of fish. 

Bakery - brown paper is often used to represent baking and the bread is packaged in brown bags in store. 

Cakeshop - very similar to the bakery but with the addition of pink as this is branded in a feminine way to represent delicacy, I am not sure if this is perhaps a bit sexist but it visually does remind me of a traditional cake shop. 

Deli - gingham pattern almost like a picnic. 

Oven Fresh - I think this is supposed to represent the floured surface. 

Produce  - this links to the traditional packaging of potatoes in hesian bags. 

Fresh To Go - tablecloth design linking possibly to tea parties, lunch time, etc.  

Plants & Flowers - green is a clear link to plants. 

Morrisons Cellar

Before they launched their online shop Morrisons launched an online wine store called Morrisons Cellar. This was branded as a sub brand and the website fitted with this. 

The font is the same as the existing Morrisons logo so it is clear that this is Morrisons brand and website but the colour is very different and this is appropriate to the wine theme. 

The website is laid out in a very similar way to the normal Morrisons website which may make it easier for customers to navigate around. 

You can see the wide range of wines sold online. 

Online Shopping

I thought it was important that I looked at the new online store as although the aim of the brief is to get people to shop in store I thought it could help possibly generate ideas or concepts.

It is very straight forward in terms of design meaning customers can navigate around it easily which is definitely a positive. 

As it has only recently been launched they have promotions on the site stating where else they will be delivering to. 

One of the features I really like is the shopping list.  

You simple make your list and then press search and apparently it will find the items on your list, this is playing on an advantage of shopping in-store and trying to bring it to the online store and help make the shopping process quicker. 

Another useful aspect of the website is the easy to follow grading system. 
As you can see the frozen items have this icicle and vegetarian items have the leaf. 

There is also an organic symbol, these again make the online shopping experience quicker and more functional. 

Fuel Saver

Morrisons Fuel Saver is almost like an instore innovation in that it is not a temporary campaign it is a permanent fixture. When customers purchase vouchers at morrisons they will receive a fuel voucher according to how much they have spent. For example if they spend £50 on vouchers they will get 5p off a litre. This is very popular as fuel is a well known expensive cost that most people try and save where possible. 

Both Mel and I love the design of this website as although it is very much in keeping with the Morrisons brand it is different with the almost paper crafted looking qualities. It has a welcoming look because of this and the bright colours used, but again Morrisons key brand colours yellow and green are also used heavily to ensure the consistency is there. 

Social Media

Social Media is a hugely popular method of promotion in todays modern world and it is a great way to communicate to a large audience. 

I found that Morrisons have both a Twitter and a Facebook page and depending on what concept we come up with this could be a method of communication for us to use. 

Even these social media sites have been considered in terms of design and this makes customers/audiences trust the sites more as they are more obviously Morrisons. 

M Kitchen Blog

This blog includes recipes, tricks and tips from the M Chefs and encourages audiences to buy from morrisons and the M Kitchen range. 

The design of the site is actually quite different to many of the Morrisons products as there is no yellow or green but it has a much higher end feel which is what the M Kitchen products are. The beige colour also links to tradition, home cooking working with the cooking theme. 

The muted colours ensure the photographs really stand out and the feature colour of orange also is really clear. 

The chefs page allows audiences to see the chefs that they are reading the recipes off giving a more personal experience. 

Here you can see some listed recipes that you can simply click on to make bigger. 

This shows that we could possibly deviate away from the primary brand colours but we would need to ensure there was some consistency such as with fonts. 

I now feel like I definitely know a great deal about Morrisons and this has sparked quite a lot of ideas for concepts and even design. 

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