Thursday, 13 February 2014

Morrisons - Super Market Sweep, More in-depth Research

As Mel and I have agreed to work on the concept based on the game show Supermarket Sweep, I wanted to research into in more depth. 

I found a simple description of the general way the game worked. 

Three teams of contestants attempted to earn as much time on their clocks as possible by answering product and price related questions. Each team begins with one minute on their clock, but can earn 10 seconds for answering one of Dale's easy-peesy questions about food or Heat-style celebrity gossip. The first member of each team played the first two rounds, they swapped over for the next two, and the "Round Robin" free-for-all at the end involved the players pointlessly swapping positions after every single question.
This time would be used in the Supermarket Sweep itself, where one of each team would go "wild in the aisles" trying to hoy as much grub into their trolleys as their little flabby arms could manage. 

There were also bonuses involved in this for contestants if they wanted them and they included:
  • Mini-Sweep: At the opening of the show, Dale would ask a question then ask one of the team to go and find it on the shelves. If they could find it and bring them back within 30 seconds they won a £25 bonus (£50 in the remake) to the Sub-total plus 10 seconds on their clock.
  • Pik 'n' Mix: If the shopper wanted to, somewhere in the market was a Pik and Mix counter. If they could weigh up exactly 500g made up of five different varieties of sweets (aided by one of the checkout girls) £50 would be added to the sub-total.
  • Manager's Special: Somewhere in the supermarket was a pile of tins. If they could find the one with their team's colour stuck to it they added £50 to the sub-total.
  • Pricing Gun: Contestants could price up 12 coffee jars. If they do, that was another £50 (this wasn't included in the 2007 remake).
  • Dale's Shopping List: Before the sweep, Dale read out three items. Any shopper who picked up all three of these items earned a £100 bonus. These were usually semi-obscure items.
  • Inflatables: Placed around the Supermarket were various wacky inflatables (a big banana or fish or something). Each shopper was allowed to take a maximum of one and they were worth £25, £50, £75 or £100, the actual amount being revealed after the sweep.
Such 'bonuses' could definitely be incorporated into our concept, we have actually thought about closing a store to hold a trolley dash event similar to the game show allowing customers to run around the store. 

I found a video on Youtube that gives a good indication of the gameshow and how it worked. The time that this was on TV is very relevant to the target audience that Morrisons are aiming at as they are targeting the 'next generation' of shoppers, and this age group would have grown up watching this on TV.

I didn't want to spend too much time researching this as with the concept we don't want to simply re-create supermarket sweep we just want to use it as a base/general idea. 

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