Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Secret 7 - Lorde

Although I am aware of Lorde I wanted to research into her as an artist a bit more and understand where she has come from in the hope that this will help my development in coming up with a sleeve design. 

In addition to representing the song I want the sleeve design to also represent Lorde artistically. 

I firstly found out some contextual information about Lorde. 

She is a singer-song writer.

Her real name is Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor and adopted her stage name due to a fascination with 'royals and aristocracy', however she felt that Lord was too masculine so added the e to make it more feminine. 

She is from New Zealand and was born on 7th November 1996.
She was raised in suburban Devonport, Auckland with an older sister (Jerry) and a younger brother (Angelo) and younger sister (India).

I found Lorde's website andas you can see it is quite dark looking. 

There is a link on the site that will take you to the shop and this has a very similar aesthetic. 

She also has a personal Tumblr account and the image on this is a hand rendered illustration of her with some animals, although this isn'e black and white it still has a fairly odd, quirky and dark feel.

This also led me to look at her Instagram and this I feel gave me a look into her more personal life and what she is really like. 

Above is an image of her on stage with band Haim and as you can see she is wearing all black with dark lipstick. 

Again with dark lipstick, this seems to be a trend but gives her a distinctive, edgy look. 

On the cover of Rolling Stones magazine she looks very modern and again quite edgy with how she is dressed and again quite dark makeup on her pale complexion. 

A more artistic shot but again resembling her contemporary look with the quite high fashion shoes. 

I didn't want to look into Lorde in too much depth as I don't want to get carried away with researching when I already have quite a few ideas for potential sleeve designs, but this has been helpful as I didn't previously know Lorde was from New Zealand and it has been helpful to get to understand her 'look' a bit more. 

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