Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Secret 7 - Sleeve Designs

To assist my development with the Secret 7 brief I have looked at various record sleeves. 

Although the brief doesn't allow you to use the name of the song the text here is far from the main feature. Combining photography with vector pattern in this way could work for the Lorde sleeve. I would also like to think about using sections of photography like this, you do not need to fill the design with a photograph. 

This style seems to be a trend at the moment as I saw many like this. Applying a filter to a photograph to make it look older, this gives a vintage look and the text is slightly opaque allowing some of the photograph colour to come through. Full bleed photography can be impactful on a sleeve and can say a lot about the song. 

I found a great article about some of the best record sleeves of the year and here I some that I selected. 

This is really interesting as the image is so strange it really makes the audience think. I am not familiar with the song so I can't say if it conveys it well but it definitely creates impact. 

When I created artwork for Secret 7 last year I used illustration and I know this is quite a popular method to create the sleeves. This two colour sleeve creates impact with the large contrast but also the pattern that almost hurts your eyes to look at. 
Again I know I won't be including text in my sleeve but the text here is difficult to read which I presume was done intentionally to help communicate the song. Things like this, almost like mind tricks, could be really useful to apply to my sleeve.

A bright and bold design. This uses a painted effect which again creates impact and makes you think about how this links to the song. Using a hand produced method could work for the Lorde sleeve, perhaps a hand drawn illustration, although this would definitely need editing to make a complete sleeve.

Again photography has been used in this example but this is more abstract again making the audience question themes of the song and meanings. 

When I saw this I instantly thought of Lorde's song as there is a faded city scene which would actually work perfectly as the song Team talks about moving on from a run down area and this is almost looking back on the past. 

Another very abstract photograph and I don't think I would be able to achieve something like this I think there has been a lot of photoshopping involved here, however it is really interesting as the audience will question how this was done. 

Pure photography again with no text. The scene of the grave yard definitely makes you wonder what the song is about and question the themes but also the way the image looks so old may also link to the song. I believe this is actually an old photograph as the cars in the background do not look like the modern ones. However, unless I found an old photograph of my own I don't think I could use stock images for my sleeve as the art work has to be your own, perhaps if I was highly editing it this would be okay. 

Photography has been combined with illustration here but it has been done in such a way you wouldn't immediately think that there has been a lot of editing as there is a tree in the background that creates similar textures. 
It creates a quite eery feeling which again I presume has relevance to the song. 

It is interesting how many of these sleeve designs don't include the song title or artist through choice, I think it is a positive however as it ensures the artwork can be fully appreciated. This pattern similarly to a previous is quite unnerving to look at, the black and white assists this quality also. This also has a hand rendered quality which could also relate to themes within the song. 

A very simple sleeve but as with the rest this creates impact with the choice of colours, arrangement and shapes used despite not being clear on the representation. The border ties the rest of the design in to these bright colours. 

Although I have looked at quite a wide range of sleeves I wanted to look at some more illustrative designs as I feel so far many have been photographic and at the moment the ideas I have about the Lorde sleeve will be using illustration. 

This pattern has been built using various vector shapes and layers but creates instant impact with the bright and bold colours on a more muted background. This looks ver contemporary which is important with the Lorde sleeve as she is a very current, new artist and so this is something I want to convey. Using such colour contrasts could work for the sleeve also as the song is about the contrast between a run down area compared to the more luxurious lifestyle with jewels, etc. 

This combines photography with illustration in a playful collage. Collage is a medium that I also think would work for the Lorde sleeve as again it is quite contemporary. I currently don't think something this playful however would be suitable for Lorde as the song is quite 'moody' but the layers of different mediums creates a visually interesting sleeve. 

I found this on the studio Rabbit Hole's website as they specialise on design for music. This again has a very contemporary look with the simple font mixed with an interesting painterly effect. As I said previously creating something by hand and scanning in is definitely an option of mine. 

These colours although bright I also think would be suitable for Lorde as the way they combine with a black does give a more edgy look. 

This is a very simple sleeve but also effective. I initially thought this was a simple illustration I didn't know it was also type. Although I cannot use the artists name or song title in my sleeve for Lorde I could use one word that I feel relates to the song and hide it in a similar way. This has a very grungy look which i'm sure is suitable for the song but for the song Team I need to come up with a contemporary look which will also resemble the themes of the song. 

Looking at this wide selection of sleeves has sparked many ideas that I could work with for the Lorde sleeve and I know plan to start to visualise them.

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