Monday, 17 February 2014

Silver Wedding - Invitations

To assist my development with the designing of the invitations I have looked at some existing designs of both anniversary party invitations but also wedding invitations as these often have the same high quality finish I am wanting to create. 

Foil blocking has been used here and this gives a high quality finish. There is a high contrast between the two colours meaning it is easy to read and creates impact. These look quite sophisticated with the black stock and gold. I like how the number is a key feature, this would work for the silver anniversary invites with the number 25. Stock is something I need to discuss with the clients as for example this is printed on card, but with the quantity they want this will cost quite a bit. 

These are very different to the previous and I think these are a little too contemporary for what Dawn & Steve are wanting. However, I like the colour palette used and I think I could work with this to create a more sophisticated design. I also like the way the invites and other items are together with a belly band, as I am creating invites and RSVPs I need to think about how these will be distributed. 

The floral design and script font suggest sophistication and class that I think would be appropriate for the silver anniversary invites, but I am not sure how I could incorporate the penguin into something like this. I really like the grey colours on the white stock and silver foil would work really well with this. 

This invite does not look as high end as many I have seen but I like the layout and similarly to some of the other the number is the key feature, which I think should be the case as is the reason for celebrating. 

This style of layout seems to be a real trend at the moment but I think it works really well creating a slightly vintage look but in this case that also looks quite contemporary with the black and off white colour scheme. As the layout is quite complex the very simple colour scheme balances with this well. 

This invite also has the rsvp on it rather than as a separate piece to send back, this is perhaps something I may discuss with the clients. 

These interested me with the inclusion of the illustrative creatures as I have been asked to include a penguin or penguins in the invites and I really like the way these creatures appear in love, I think it would be a great idea if I could make two penguins look together like this. There is also a strong consistency between all these products which is something I will need to think about when designing both invites and rsvps.

This art deco style invitation is classy and elegant. I am not sure how relevant the aesthetic would be but as I have not been given any real preferences it could potentially be a theme that could be carried through the party. 

Format is definitely something I need to think about as again the clients have not specified so this is up to me. I love the above invitation and RSVP in one concertina and think this is something I could do. However, as it is just a party and not a wedding I think this may be a bit much. A simple one fold may however work. 

I also really like the use of one colour plus stock as this again adds sophistication to a more hand rendered style invite. 

Another example of how foiling can be used. This is a very elegant design, although it is not an invitation of any kind this is branding. I also like the brighter colours and the coral and blue work really well together and could signify the male and female. 

The blue I also think would work well with the inclusion of the penguins. 

This again I think would be a bit much for an invitation to a party but the idea of almost writing a letter and packaging this is really interesting and different. The letter however would need to be very well designed and clearly be an invitation and not a letter. 

Again foiling has been used giving a high end impression. I think foiled invitations give a special quality and makes them much more desirable which invitations should be. I really like the stock choice here and the colour blue with this, I think silver would also work well with these colours. 

From looking at these I can see that foiling is popular and I think this would also be a great option for a silver wedding anniversary. I have seen many formats and layouts that I have liked and these have given me a few ideas that I plan to show the client at our next meeting. 

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