Monday, 7 April 2014

Turkish Influenced Design

As I have decided to focus my coffee house on the importance of Turkey in the coffee house history and offer the experience of the home of the coffee house, I thought it would be helpful to look into Turkish influenced/themed design to see how the aesthetic is created and communicated as I want to ensure my design communicates the Turkish aspect as clearly as possible - without being over the top or tacky.

This pattern is very geometric and 'aztec' like which gives a Middle Eastern influence. The colours used all work well together and although vivid they all have a similar muted tone and are mixed with more earthy colours such as brown. The navy, deep purple and more muted green to me suggest Turkey and the middle east. However, you can see the pattern also used in just brown and this also works really well which is interesting as this could work well for the coffee house. 

The shape alone works with the pattern with the geometric nature but creates a more identifiable brand. 

This was interesting to see as it is actually restaurant branding. Again pattern is used and this blue feature colour is similar to the colours seen in the previous example. I feel the type links to the Middle eastern theme with the triangular cut outs giving a more geometric look. This is continued with the application of the pattern in triangles. 

Again deep blues and brighter greens used to represent the middle eastern/turkish influence. This pattern (with out the inlcusion of mobile phones!) is inspired a very similar pattern that is often used in middle easter countries and is very recognisable due to this. The colour scheme I think would work well on creme backgrounds. 

I am told that this shape is very popular in Turkey and in Turkish patterns. This gives is a lot of relevant to this Turkish themed restaurant and you can see how we'll it forms a very simple pattern. It is hard to explain why this looks middle eastern but the shape combined with the deep blue and purple colour scheme definitely gives this impression. 

You can see a very similar shape used in this design and again worked into a pattern. Again this gives a very strong impression of the middle east and I really like the use of cremes and golds, this would actually work really well for a coffee house. Incorporating the shape into the logo like in this example could also be something to think about as I want the logo to imply the turkish influence as well as a potential pattern. 

The colours and pattern here give the Turkish influence. The star and moon are obviously taken from the Turkish flag and so this is very recognisable as being Turkish. The combination of the colours also gives a middle eastern feel as does the geometric nature of the pattern.

This is a much more sophisticated take on Turkish pattern with the use of only one feature colour and and the pattern being much softer due to the material used to create it. The shapes used in the menu work really well taking elements from the pattern and simplifying to work with the clean aesthetic. The green feature colour suggests the middle east with it being a yellowy-green, more muted tone. This combined with the pattern gives a strong Turkish influence. Such star shapes seem very popular elements of Turkish pattern.

This obviously interested me as it it Turkish coffee. The designs so far all seem to use a similar sans serif font that gives a quite geometric look. There is not pattern here but the deeper colours used combined with the type give a Turkish suggestion. 


I found these design sheets that were inspired by Turkey and again pattern is a huge influence. This more floral design still suggests Turkey which is something to remember - design doesn't necessarily need to be geometric. 


This is avery intricate pattern but the repitition of the dots and more ornate detail, combined with the blue colour scheme is what gives this a Turkish look. The start like shape has appeared again here, again suggesting this is an important element. 

This is s more modern take on the geometric, Turkish patterns but the colour schemes and font again give the middle eastern suggestion. This is a little too modern for what I was thinking but it is interesting to see how the look is still created and the very similar font to the other designs is used again. 

Although this is described as a turkish themed restaurant it is only really the geometric font and the colours of the candles that give the indication. 

I do however really like the wooden clipboard, this seems quite popular at the moment and it works really well with the orange, red colour scheme. 

Although very bright and feminine in colour it is pattern again that suggests Turkey. This is a more contemporary take however as it uses very simple vector illustrations of important cultural aspects and translates these into patterns. 

The font again is interesting to see as this is similar to the font seen in many of the other Turkish themed products. 

As I realised that pattern seems to be hugely important in creating a Turkish aesthetic I did some research into islamic and Turkish patterns.

As seen in the designs the star like shape is very popular. Again also very geometric. 

Very detailed but again I can pick out star shapes and strong defining lines. 

Stars again, but from these patterns so far I can also see hexagons are also very popular. 
The colours here are quite muted giving a quite traditional look, but this obviously needed to work with the wooden table. 

This drawing was really interesting to see as it shows how the complex patterns are formed. I don't think I will be able to produce something this elaborate but I can take influence and sections from it. 

Again the muted colours and yellow, browns suggest Turkey. And again there is a strong use of geometry and hexagonal and star like shapes. 

This is very geometric and complex in the way it all links together, but again strong visual link to the middle east. 

The shapes used in this pattern are very similar to those seen in some of the other designs, but this is simplified and is a seamless pattern. Again the star shape features suggesting its importance. 

Another interlacing geometric design. 

The shape seen in the Turkish restaurant branding is here combined into a more complex pattern. However the flat shapes ensure this is not too complex.

More of that shape again in a different pattern. These flat patterns I can imagine working well within a brand as they will be easier to apply to a range of products. 

Again very similar to the previous but in a brighter colour. 

This research has given me a lot of ideas about shapes and colours that suggest Turkey and the middle east I know from this that I definitely want to include a pattern and I would like to ensure this pattern gives a strong Turkish link so I plan to use some of the more traditional patterns. 

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