Sunday, 4 May 2014

Address Label

The last thing I needed to design and add to the pack now was the address label. As discussed previously I planned to digitally print this if I were to produce all 150 for real screen printing 150 different names and addresses would mean a lot more screens and I felt that this wouldn't negatively impact on the final quality as it is only the address. 

I based the design on the Graze box address sticker so the design process didn't take long. 

I found a delivered by Royal Mail logo online and used this. I also found a pre-paid royal mail stamp and traced this on illustrator. 

As I was happy with the above I printed it onto the adhesive paper I had bought for these labels. 
However, when printing the Royal Mail logo printed more blue and was a bit pixelated. 

This was because it was a jpeg image from the internet so I realised I had to trace this on Illustrator. 

This is the simplified version I created on Illustrator. The crown was much more simple than the original version but as it was going to be printed so small I didn't think this would be an issue. 

I placed this where the previous logo was and then added crop marks. 

I tiled this on an a4 page and then printed. This means if I were to reproduce a lot of these packs I could simply edit the addresses and print of these digital labels. 

You can see these printed much better and were all black. 

However, at closer look the O seemed much thinner than the other letters. 

So I re-visited this and made it a bit thicker, whilst not making it too heavy as I didn't want this to go the other way and stand out being too thick. 

I printed this again and it was still a bit thin but better than before so I cut out the label and stuck this to the box.

You can see I positioned this in the top right corner on the back of the box. 

Although I would have liked to have screen printed these labels it would have been unrealistic as this would have meant each individual box would have had to have had its own individual screen.  
I don't think this removes from the personal touch of the boxes as the belly band and books are still individual with the number representing their edition. 

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