Friday, 25 April 2014

Book - Illustrations

Following the completion of the designs for the postcard I needed to start work on the book as this would take the longest as I needed to illustrate each point. 

When thinking about how the book would work I realised that I would need to split some of the points up as I wanted the illustrations to switch from print based to digital based. So I took the points I finalised in a previous post and ordered for each page whilst coming up with ideas for the illustrations that would go with these. 

Don't forget about print because ... wouldn't you rather receive a birthday card...
(inside of a birthday card - handwriting)

than a birthday text?
(i-phone screen with happy bday text)

Don't forget about print because... imagine a home with no photographs.
(photo frame)

Don't forget about print because... it's battery will never run out.
(low battery sign)

Don't forget about print because... isn't it nice to personally own something ...
(book shelf with books on)

that the whole word doesn't have free access to. 
(internet explorer sign)

Don't forget about print because... imagine christmas day with no wrapping paper. 
(christmas present)

Don't forget about print because... if you drop a book it wont smash and cost hundreds to replace. 

(smashed i-phone)

Don't forget about print because... isn't it nice to turn a real page ...

(turning page in a book)


rather than click an e-book. 

(holding/swiping e-book)

Using the above list I began to produce the illustrations. I wanted these to be very simple and almost icon like. 

I firstly drew the hand holding a kindle, I worried about this as I had no idea how to communicate the turning of a page but I feel it is enough to show the holding of an e-book as they are recognisable, and a friend told me you actually just press a button to turn the page. 

So I sourced an online image but I made the hand a very simple representation rather than including all details, wrinkles, etc. 

For my first illustration I was really pleased with this and I wanted to continue this level of simplicity. 

I thought it was best to do the turning the page illustration next as this would also feature a hand. I aimed to do the same giving a simple representation of the hand. 

I was pleased with this but didn't like the knuckle shape, this needed to be removed to maintain the simplicity. 

I smoothed this out and added the inside finger line as it didn't look realistic without this. 

I was really pleased with this so moved on to the i-phone. 

I firstly drew a simple vector of an i-phone as I knew I could use this for two of the illustrations. 

I added some basic screen details to represent this being a text message screen and then added the text itself. 

And for the cracked screen image I simply drew jagged lines to represent the smash, concentrating it on one area as I know from experience that this is how the smashes form. 

I then moved on to the low battery sign which I again modelled on an i-phone as I thought this would be more relatable for the audience. 

As this is made up of simple shapes this was easy enough to recreate as a vector. 

The photo frame was equally as straight forward with no real detail to consider. 

The books on the bookshelf to represent personally owning something was a little more difficult so I sourced an online image for reference. 

This made creating the illustration much easier. 

The christmas present was simple enough to draw from my head. I worried that this looked like any old present but then I felt if I added anything like a xmas tree it would be too much detail. 

The birthday card image for the 'wouldn't you rather receive a birthday card' page was actually one of the more tricky illustrations as I struggled trying to get a hand rendered looking font to fit with the simple, clean aesthetic. 

After drawing a card shape and adding the printed text I firstly tried to just draw the handwriting with the pencil tool, but this looked too messy. 

I then looked for a hand rendered font on dafont. I used this as a reference to guide the pencil tool. 

This looked much better and more realistic, without taking away from the simple design. 

I gave this a varied width line to add to the hand rendered look, although as this illustration will be quite small I am not sure this will be that noticeable. 

The internet explorer sign was the final illustration and was straightforward as I used the image as a reference. This is a very recognisable symbol for 'the internet', especially to the audience of digital natives. 

Final Illustrations 

Here are the final outlined illustrations. 

But I had planned for these illustrations to feature one of the two colours and for these to represent whether they are print or digital. I had to think about where was the best place to apply the colour and I aimed to colour the element/elements that were most relevant to the point I was making. 

I decided to make the digital images feature orange and the print the blue. 

Final Illustrations With Colour

This illustration will be a bit different to the rest to print as I plan to print the happy birthday text after I have printed the outline and then the orange as I don't want to print the orange over the text incase this affects the reading. 

As I have now finalised a running order for the book and completed all the illustrations I just need to work on the design of the book now before working on the packaging, and then I can start printing. 

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