Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Brown Card Hunt

Today I spent about half a day visiting all the craft stores in Leeds to try and source some brown card, like that used to produce graze boxes. However, I had no luck and so needed to re-think my stock choice!

My first thought was to use the white card from the library as although I wanted brown to prevent scuffs showing I didn't want to replace this with a brighter coloured card as I didn't want to distract from the printed colours and design, so I felt white was my next best option. 

I made a mock up of the box in this card to ensure it would work and not tear and also to get some more practice in making the box before the final product. 

This stock worked fine and was sturdy which was a positive. I am really disappointed that I couldn't use brown stock and if I had time I would order some offline, but I definitely don't have time for this so hopefully the white will still look good! I think as the belly band will be printed with the marble this should brighten the box and make it look more appealing. I also plan to print the logo onto this. 

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