Monday, 31 March 2014

Coffee House Visit - Grinders

After speaking with Lorraine about my next brief and ideas for this I decided to visit some coffee shops to look at the branding, interiors and generally make observations to see what I could produce and how I could possibly communicate the history of coffee houses in terms of Turkish coffee houses.

I have seen this little independent coffee shop for a while on my way to college but never been inside so I thought this would be a great and relevant opportunity. 

This coffee shop is called Grinders, the house of hand pulled coffee. And although it is not immediately clear from the branding this is actually an Italian themed coffee shop.

Their logo features a coffee bean and has a grainy texture giving a rustic edge to the more contemporary type used. It is very clear at first glance of this logo that this is a coffee shop which is definitely a bonus. 

I saw that they had a chalkboard sign outside the shop, this could be relevant to my coffee shop. 

Inside the shop is very well put together and despite having lots of rustic, vintage looking elements like the rack holding the Italian snacks, this still looks quite clean and open with the white walls. 

In the counter they had lots of things for customers to buy with hand written labels with prices. 
Such counters are really popular in coffee houses often selling cakes, sandwiches, etc. so this is definitely something to think about. 

They also have chalkboard signs behind the counter which are great as they mean you can easily update your menu, they also really work with the aesthetic in this coffee house. 

As you can see below they sell hot and cold foods but also their own branded coffee. I knew Starbucks, Costa and other big brands did this but I wasn't aware smaller more independent chains did this. I think this would be a great idea for my coffee house as I could sell special blends linking to different countries coffee and then use this to inform them about the history of coffee houses in that country.

They continued their branding onto the mugs but I wasn't very impressed with these as they were quite big and bulky and not that nice to drink out of, but I can see how this could link to the aesthetic as the logo is quite chunky.

I loved the interior of the shop, it was simple and stylish with clear Italian influences. 

This light sign keeps the brand consistent through the shop. 

As you can see above there are many photographs framed on the wall and aesthetically this looks really good and gives you something interesting to look at when in the shop. This could definitely be a way of communicating to customers.

This image is supposed to be showing the sign that encourages audiences to follow the shop on social media - this is a great way of promoting especially to younger audiences.

This has been really interesting as I don't think I have ever really paid attention to the amount of 'stuff' in coffee shops before. I can already see the wide range of products I could produce for an independent coffee house.

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