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Final Refined Idea & Mock-Up

I took out the book 'The Gift' by Lewis Hyde out of the library and skimmed through some of the chapters I thought would be relevant to what I am doing. I didn't select any specific quotes but from this brief reading I understood that there is a lot of social and historical factors that influence the perception and ideas behind gift giving. 

Although this isn't specifically what the book was discussing, it made me think about print as a gift and this lead me to think about the many printed items we exchange regularly and how in society we all have a mutual understanding that these items are 'gifts' and mainly pleasant and somewhat personal exchanges - birthday cards, wrapping paper, invitations, postcards, etc. 
Imagine a society where such things weren't exchanged?

The book talks a lot about the artist and economies and I did get a bit confused when reading parts of this as I was skimming sections quite quickly as I didn't want to spend too long on more research, but it was really interesting and I would like to read this book perhaps over the summer. 

Book Content

I started to re-think the idea behind the vows as I explained to Richard I wasn't sure if this came across as almost mocking print, which is really not what I wanted. So I decided to simplify this even more, whilst keeping the light hearted notion. 

I thought again about what I wanted to say and I basically wanted the audience to remember print and recognise what it can offer/its benefits. 

From this I thought about how I could answer the following sentence,

Don't forget about print because ... 

whilst still referring to the light hearted and relevant points made with some of the vows I thought of. 

Don't forget about print because it's battery will never run out.
- commenting on an annoying feature of digital technologies. 

Don't forget about print because isn't it nice to personally own something that the whole word doesn't have free access to. 
- commenting on the sense of ownership you get from print and the value assigned to the more limited nature, whereas online articles are widely accessible to the world. 

Don't forget about print because wouldn't you rather receive a birthday card than a birthday text?
- commenting on the more personal aspects of print and hand writing compared to the depersonalisation and lack of thought in a quick text. 

Don't forget about print because imagine a home with no photographs.
- referring back to something I thought about in my research into digital natives as I realised photo albums and printed photos are being replaced with digital albums. This comment is trying to make the audience question what life would be like if we totally forgot about printed photographs. 

Don't forget about print because imagine christmas day with no wrapping paper. 
- Another comment on the fun aspects of print that could be lost, this also links to print as a gift as the notion of wrapping gifts is widely known and applied. 

Don't forget about print because if you drop a book it wont smash and cost hundreds to replace. 
- commenting on a very common and annoying trait of digital devices, in particularly i-phones that I presume a lot of the audience will have, print doesn't have this frustrating quality. 

Don't forget about print because isn't it nice to turn a real page rather than click an e-book. 

- commenting again on the physicality's of print and the tactile quality as screens feel the same and you don't get the same reading experience from e-books. 

I am really pleased with the above points and I feel they make the same light hearted comments as the vows did just slightly less mocking, I also think removing the idea of the vows will ensure males are not put off by this as I didn't want to make print seem overly romantic!


I will no longer use the title 'to have and to hold', but thinking about the pack being a gift to the audience I thought about simply calling it,

'A printed gift from us to you'

This pretty much sums up what the pack is without actually telling them that I am trying to get them to pay attention to print. I also think including the word 'gift' makes the pack sound more desirable as who doesn't like a gift! and this has positive connotations attached. 

I plan to put these points into a simple saddle stitched book but this will be screen printed on a cartridge paper to give a more tactile feel, with a thicker front cover. I hope that this will encourage the audience to keep the book!

I want to keep the design simple and consistent throughout with a simple almost icon like illustration on each page with the point. I want to keep this simple to ensure the design doesn't distract from the print and tactile nature and I also don't want it to be too complex as the marble effect is quite detailed. 


And for the postcards I discussed with Richard what these should say and I suggested they say really simple, everyday phrases like hello, how are you, etc. He said this would work well as it is about what they are writing on the cards not really about what they say. So I started to think about everyday sayings but also thinking about the audience with this, what do teenagers say everyday?

  • Hello
  • How are you?
  • No way!
  • #justsaying
  • Hi
  • :)
  • wuu2?
  • From me, to you
  • Guess what!
  • You'll never guess what!
When I started to make the above list you can see I featured things such as # and text language as I thought this is very relevant to the audience, but I think including a # may be a little too confusing to the audience so I don't plan to include this, but I would be happy with the other comments. 


As I found dimensions for the postcards and stamps and have researched into packaging I decided to produce a full scale mock up before I begin designing. 

I firstly found a graze box style net in this book. 

But when I made this up it had some flaws and didn't seem very sturdy, so I decided to draw out my own net based on a simplified version of the graze box net. 

You can see this more clearly as it is cut out. It is simply a box with folding lid with reinforced/folded sides for added strength. I gave this a depth of 1.5cm as I felt this would be enough for the book which would be the thickest element. 

I folded this up and stuck together with double sided tape, as I feel glue can get messy!

You can see the complete mock up here. 

 The crafting isn't great but this is only a mock up.

I also cut out bits of paper in the right dimensions to ensure everything would fit. 

I even checked to make sure a pen would fit inside neatly and it did, which was an added bonus!

I had the idea at this point to combine the postcard belly band with the stamp booklet, so I made a simple mock up of this. 

I now feel confident that I can get on with the design process knowing exactly what I needed to do. 

Campaign & Details

I decided that this would be somewhat of a campaign to try and get the digital native audience to take notice of the printed world, which is why the mail outs will be targeting a specific audience. 

When thinking about how the packs would be distributed I obviously had the intention to post them but I needed to think about who specifically I would post them to, would these be ordered? 

I wanted these to be free, more like gifts, so I decided that I wold produce only a limited number and send them to 150 randomly selected students in the age range but specifically in Yorkshire. I wanted to give a location restriction as if I only sent this limited number to a random selection in the country it probably would have less impact as there is less chance of discussions coming from the packs, whereas I felt sending 150 packs to Yorkshire students and then encouraging them to send 4 postcards each - to people who are quite likely going to be there friends and family, I am more likely to make an impact in this area. 

The limited number also adds value and desirability to the packs, linking back to my essay suggesting a point made in my essay that print has value as it is not as widely accessible as the internet and can be limited. 

I plan to include numbers on the box belly bands as this makes them little more personal and emphasises their limited nature. 

How will I print the addresses?
I thought about screen printing these individually onto the boxes but I then thought that this would add an unnecessary amount of stress and realistically if I were to make 150 of these packs screen printing the addresses would mean a lot more screens, whereas I could just digitally print stickers with the addresses on. These will still give the personal touch as they will be addressed by name to the randomly selected teen. 

I would really like to produce some screen printed posters that would work with the aesthetic of the pack, but this will have to be a thought if I have time on completion of the pack as I am quite pushed for time at the moment. These posters could be sent to high schools in Yorkshire to advertise the 'campaign' to a wider audience. 

I now just need to get on with the design process as I have worked out it should take me about three days to print all these elements. 

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