Monday, 28 April 2014

Look Up From Your Phone - Viral Video

I came across this video as it is popping up a lot on Facebook and it is actually quite relevant to my CoP subject.

It is a video showing the points made in a poem by Gary Turk. The poem is about our very digital world where we are all obsessed by our phones and as a result we don't talk to each other or communicate in person we just Facebook, tweet and text. It uses a romantic story to emphasise the points raised. 

It has been criticised for being hypocritical as it is obviously gaining publicity through the media that it is saying we shouldn't be using as much, but I feel this is a good way to communicate to the relevant audience. 

“This media we call social is anything but, when we open our computers and it’s our doors we shut”… This is one of the most vital messages that everyone needs to hear.
Look Up is a spoken word for the “online” generation. Written, performed and directed by Gary Turk, it is an extremely important life lesson for our youth.  Children are growing up in a world where they don’t play outside or communicate with their friends. It seems today everything is done via text message or over the internet. It’s heartbreaking… I feel guilty myself. We need to spread this message before it’s too late. 
I took some screenshots whilst watching as it featured photographs a lot linking to print over digital and using these to show memories and create feelings of nostalgia. This links to a point I found in some previous research about photographs and how photo albums are becoming more digital now than before, and people are sharing photographs and memories through passing their phones around and sending files rather than sitting with physical photo albums. 

This is a little more about specifically online over 'real' communication, rather than directly talking about the argument as to whether print being made redundant through technology, but I feel there is definitely a link and I found this really interesting.

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