Thursday, 17 April 2014

Mail-Outs Research & Packaging

As I have decided that I am going to produce a pack to be mailed out to teenage digital natives I thought it would be useful to look into different methods of packaging suitable for postage. 
I know that the packaging needs to be able to hold:
3 postcards, a small saddle stitched book, a pen and a small book of stamps. 


Although this is a self promotion mail out it is an interesting idea and I like the idea that the audience cold use the packaging after, this would make the product more desirable. However, I would need to print on this and I am not sure how I would print onto tin and there would be more costs involved. I also need to think about cost of postage as the heavier the item I think the more expensive it would be. 

A far more simple box built from a card material. This was more the kind of box I was thinking about and I like the idea of having a tray with separate lid, this would hold the items well and stop them flying about inside a more open box. However, I would need to ensure the lid was securely fastened when posting. 


This is actually a design to package and send a book, but I like the way it folds out flat when the audience opens it. I am not sure how sturdy this would be as the products I am sending wouldn't fill it as neatly and snuggly as this book does, but I could perhaps make a mock up and test this. 

This is a fairly standard cardboard box but opens to reveal exciting contents. I feel I could make something this simple exciting by what I could print on it. 

Another simple box but I feel this would provide a sturdy package. I can see the sides are reinforced with a double fold, such techniques are something I am going to have to experiment with. This brown card seems a popular material, it would be helpful to find some of this. 

As the previous box reminded me of a graze box I decided to look at one of my Graze boxes and how this was put together. This would be an ideal packaging net as I know these are posted through standard letterboxes with ease and as I previously mentioned it would be much better if the pack just landed with the other post rather than having to be signed for, as I feel it adds more of a surprise element. 

Although the card is brown it can still be printed on as you can see!

Semi circles to help open the box. 

This comes with a tray inside for the separate containers, I obviously wouldn't use the exact shapes but I could adapt these to fit my products. 

Printed photographically inside also, I don't think I would do this but I would like to print inside the box. This would add a surprise element as the audience empties the box. 

I started to deconstruct this to get a better idea of how it was put together and I found that the sides were reinforced like the previous I looked at and included tabs to hold it together - no glue!

I definitely think a box very similar to this would be the most appropriate but I could take elements of the others I have looked at to help me also. 

As I now have a good idea of what I am including in the pack and how I am going to package and distribute these packs I felt I now needed to start looking into the print method I am going to use. 

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