Friday, 18 April 2014

Marble Example

After deciding to go with the marble effect following my screen print experiments I tried to research into the method and try and see what other people had done with it. However, I couldn't find a great deal on it which suggests it isn't a widely used method. This only adds to the positives of using it however as again it should add value and desirability through the unique element of the process. 

I did find the following examples that are really quite beautiful and elegant, quite different from my experiments but I think this marble effect was done in a different way. 

When reading about these I found that they were actually designed for the Leeds Print Festival.

I found that these were produced by a marble artist and here is her website.

But I don't think these were done with the screen print technique I have been using. 

I then found an article on Creative Review that explained how this was done. Here is a link to the video showing the technique Jemma used. This is so exciting! I would love to have a go at this but for this brief I will have to stick with the screen printing version. 

This was done with the studio Music, and here is a quote from Craig Oldham explaining how the results are unique, similarly to the marble effect I am using, although a few prints can be produced with this unlike the method I am using which is more a one off nature. It is this unique nature aspect that makes this so relevant to what I am trying to say the audience, that print holds value through its limited nature and should be appreciated. 

"We encouraged Jemma to explore different marbling techniques, and the results have been astonishing," says Music's Craig Oldham of the project. " Each pattern is totally unique due to each poster requiring a completely new setup."

This has made me think about how I could design my products using the marbling as I love the simple white text on this as it ensures the marble effect is appreciated. 

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