Monday, 21 April 2014

Meeting With Richard

I arranged to see Richard today as I wanted to make sure that what I was planning to do and my reasoning was on the right lines meeting requirements of the module but also linking to my essay. My main concern was that there wasn't a great deal of analysis in the pack I was thinking about, as I know last year I had more contextual and explanatory writing on the cards I produced whereas this is more light hearted and I wasn't sure if it was almost too light hearted and may not be taken seriously. 

I explained my idea of the mail out pack to 'digital natives' with the aim to remind them of print and possibly appreciate what it offers, I explained about my idea of the postcards trying to get them to communicate in a physical form rather than texting, tweeting, etc. and I explained my reasoning behind the marble effect and he liked these ideas but when I explained about my 'vows' from print and mentioned how I felt these could come across more mocking print than light hearted he agreed but said if I work on this area and how I can communicate to this audience, as a light hearted tone of voice would be more appealing to them rather than preaching about print, then the resolution could be very strong. 

He mentioned the book 'The Gift' as this talks about why print/art is seen as a gift, and this is what I am really trying to do is communicate the idea that print should be appreciated. This also really links to what I am doing and trying to say with the postcards, that a hand written and physical message/communication is far more meaningful than a text and would be more appreciated. So I plan to get this book out of the library and look into this in some more depth. Following this talk I also want to think about the vows and how I could possibly re-think or re-word these to be a little less mocking. 

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