Sunday, 11 May 2014


I wanted to look specifically at menu's to get some inspiration as this is one thing I felt that I didn't see a lot of within my coffee house research. I wanted to get an idea about potential formats and layouts. 

This menu features simple illustrations that are used to help distinguish between sections. There is a clear and simple colour scheme similar to what I have planned. This is a slightly odd shaped menu and would have to sit at the table rather than stand. 

A simple folding menu, the longer design is more traditional. This looks quite sophisticated with the simple colour scheme, and the colours also help create definition between titles, descriptions, etc. 

I love the use of the pattern on the front and this could be relevant to what I produce as I am wanting to produce a pattern. 

A much smaller menu with only one side and quite long as you can see. My menu will need to be bigger than this but I like the grid used. The central text works in this example as the format is long and thin but I think I will avoid central text. 

I love the idea of using a clipboard for the menu this gives a real rustic look that would be perfect for my coffee house. This is another very simple menu and I will need a bit more on my menu but I really like the use of the boxes to distinguish between the sections. 

A standing menu, easy for audience to see and use. As with most I have seen there is a clear and simple colour scheme making it much easier for the customer to read than if this was a crazy design. 

Again a pattern has been used to create a more interesting aesthetic. I am however not a personal fan of so much central text as I think left aligned is much easier to read, however in long formats like this I can see how central could look good. 

This was interesting as it is a coffee menu. Using such graphics helps communicate the product to audiences. However I am not sure this would work with the aesthetic I have in mind. I would like to use some illustration but this would need to be simple and small to work with the more high end aesthetic I am wanting to produce. 

From the menu's I have looked at the wooden clipboard really stood out as I think would work with the high nature of the coffee shop whilst also working with the aesthetic being quite rustic and brown. 

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