Monday, 28 April 2014

Packaging - Belly Bands & Box Design

As I had the design for the postcards, stamps and book I needed to think about the design for the packaging. 

As I had the net for the box I worked out I should fill 180mm by 120mm with a design inside the box. 

I knew that here I wanted to explain to the audience what the box was all about but as with the book I didn't want this to be too serious.

In terms of a design for this I wanted to keep it quite simple as there is quite a bit of text, so I thought about using the positioning of the postcards and book in the box and splitting in the middle, this also meant I could specifically talk about the two key elements here and they would almost act as labels. 

I have made this blue as I felt there is already quite a lot of marble inside the box with the cards and book cover so I thought using the blue on its own for this area and the orange on its own for the belly band to hold the postcards together. This will also link with the inside of the book. 

I started to experiment with text inside this box. 

Similarly to with the book design I don't personally like centrally aligned text so the first thing I tried was aligning everything to the left, but this didn't look great. 

I still didn't think centralising everything was the way to go but centralising the logo and first paragraph worked a lot better, this also read a lot better. 

You can see I used guides to ensure all spacings were even and all elements that needed to be were in line. 

Still working with this grid system I edited the text slightly as I didn't want the to paragraph to fill the entire space, as with that many words on one line it can be increasingly difficult to read. 

In addition to preferring this design I was also much happier with this text, I felt it read a lot better and was to the point and clear. 

Below is an indication of how this may look inside the box with the blue outlines. 

Final text inside box:

This is 1 of only 150 individually screen printed and crafted boxes delivered to teenagers in Yorkshire. Don't worry we are not on a mission to get you to delete your Facebook account or throw away your i-phone, nor are we trying to convince you to start printing your e-mails, we simply want to remind you of the qualities and joys of printed materials that are so often forgotten in our digital world.

Spread The Word 
Receiving a short, personal hand written message can be far more meaningful than a quick text. Having something delivered to your doorstep is also more personal  So we want you to continue to spread the word and send the included, printed postcards to friends, family members or even someone you maybe haven't spoken to haven't to in a while. 

Something To Keep
This little book was printed and bound by hand and although the points made are light hearted there is truth within them all. Books are not appreciated as much as they used to be, as we are not a more digitally driven world, but we hope you can enjoy the craft of this book from the feel of the paper to the unique marbled ink. 

I was pleased with this as I felt it explained why they had received the pack and the purpose behind the book and postcards, whilst not going into detail about my concept as the audience wouldn't care about this.  I am glad it explains that the boxes are limited as I want them to feel privileged to have received the pack, this makes it feel more like a gift and so hopefully they will feel more like print is a gift and something to be appreciated. 

I then moved on to the belly band for the stamps. 
After making the mock up previously and this incorporating the fold to hold the stamps in the belly band itself I had been thinking of ways to design and print this. 
I wanted it to only feature the orange colour to work with the blue in the box lid but also as this meant I would be able to print a few copies out at once without worrying about the inks mixing. 

I used crop marks as you can see to show me where to cut out once printed. 
I left a white border next to the orange panel that run through the band as I didn't want to overload the pack with colour as I din't want to cheapen it. 

Above shows my initial thoughts for the inside/open view of the belly band, but I then questioned this and what should be to the left. 

I thought about coming up with a simple illustration to show that these are postage stamps, similarly to inside the book. 

However, trying to come up with a very simple postbox didn't go to plan. This would have needed to be very simple as it would have been at a very small scale. 

Because of this I decided instead to keep this area blank and just print on the cover of this. 

Here is the final design for the belly band. 

I then thought about what I would print on the front of this. I wanted this to be simple so thought make it link with the inside of the box and simply write 'spread the word' but in uppercase Gill Sans to keep consistency with the other products. 

I was happy with this so didn't want to waste any more time on the design as I needed everything finished to expose to the screens very soon. 

Below you can see the elements of the band ready to expose. I will print the main strip of colour and crop marks first and then cut out before printing the front. 

I then moved on to start thinking about the belly band for the box as this would be the element that initially attracts them to the box.

As I planned for this to be marbled I wanted to keep the design quite straight forward and simple so decided to just include the logo and the edition number. 

I worked out that the band needed to be about 360mm long to fit neatly around the box, with enough room to be pulled on and off. 
I also thought that 80mm would be a nice width to hold the box closed and also add interest to enough of the box without being too much. 

As you can see above I used guides to work out where on the band to position the logo and edition number, marking out where the folds would need to be. 

As I was happy with this I then added the different packaging elements to an a3 page, in pure black ready to expose to a screen. You can also see here I included a logo to be printed on the front of the box in the left corner and a simple rectangle that will act as the holder for the pen that I am going to include. 

Below are the positives for the inside of the box design. 

All design elements are now complete and I just need to start printing!

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