Saturday, 1 March 2014

Paper Bags

As I have been thinking of packaging my publication in a paper bag, to link to the coffee house aesthetic. I decided to look into existing designs to gain inspiration. 

A simple design with no handle. I think a handle will be needed to hold the newspaper. I hadn't thought about printing colour on brown but this works well in this example. 

Simple black design on the brown stock, creates impact with the high contrast. Again however no handles, this is more of a 'grab bag'.

Design is more elaborate in these examples but you can see the detail is still clear. Again colour has been used but I think this as been screen printed as the colours are very bright, you also cannot print white which suggests these have been screen printed. 

Screen printing the bags could actually be a good idea as the traditional method would link to the theme of the publication. 

I have thought about more every day paper formed into a bag rather than the typical brown, you can see how this would work in the example above. If I did this I could add handles made out of rope for example or string, this would be a higher end package - however I am not sure how well this would work the style of the publication. 

This is another example of paper bags using white paper, this would also be thicker than the brown paper bags. The brand has been applied to this clearly with pattern and logo, I really need to think about the design I am going to apply to the bag and how I am going to do this. 

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