Thursday, 1 May 2014

Printing - Day 2

The first thing I printed today was the postcards again as a few yesterday were not the best as they had some bleed marks and some were dark that I printed twice. 

These were much better and as I now have a few of each design when printing the backs if anything goes wrong I have some fall back options. 

Here are just a few of the successful prints. 

I then went on to print the belly band for the box and the little pen tag. Again this was marbled so you can see I dotted the blue and orange over the right area of the screen. 

I was really happy with the result the first pull. 

Although I was pleased with this I wanted to do another just incase anything goes wrong when cutting or folding. I planned to do this later today.

I then moved on to adding the coloured elements to the double page spreads. This is what I was most nervous about as there are some really delicate, and small bits that could easily misalign. 

I printed firstly onto the trugrain and then again used this to line up the first page. 

You can see I did this for each spread and used masking tape to register this, allowing me to then just place the other prints in the same place. 

I could then start printing onto the spreads. 

Above you can see the orange layer of the 'birthday text' illustration, this is the only one that will need to printed on top of with the black text. 

I tried to make sure I was using appropriate sized squeegees to give the best, even pressure. 

As the coloured parts of the illustrations were all exposed onto the one screen I had to wash this after each time, but in some cases I could print one element that was at the bottom or top of the screen and then another element further away on the screen as the spreads are small so the ink didn't get onto the spreads. 
Basically this meant it didn't take too long to get all the prints done!

I did however have to make sure that I printed the coloured elements on the one side before doing the reverse.

Unfortunately I did get quite a few prints that were misaligned but I am hoping I have at least one spread of each that is a pretty good print if not perfect. 

I then went back to the belly band screen and this time printed the first layer of the belly bands that will hold the stamps in the fold, whilst holding the postcards together. As this was just orange I could print a few pages. 

I cut these out later and ensured I knew where I needed to print the front title as I will be doing this tomorrow. 

The next thing to print was the back of the postcards. I had cut out the cards previously so it was just a case of lining these up, and obviously the back of the cards was the same for all the designs so I could print them all once lined up. 

Unfortunately the first print I did messed up as I tried to pull the ink through twice to get a stronger print, however as the card is so thick Andy recommended I didn't do this. 

So the others came out fine as I just pulled it through once. 

The postcards were now complete and ready for the pack!

I then went back to printing the belly band for the box again to try and get a second print, however this didn't go as well as the first as I don't think I used enough ink. 


You can see from the above photograph that to the right of the print there was some larger white areas where the ink hadn't come through the screen which meant the print was lacking. 

I don't think I could use this print but I could use it to test the folding around the box. 

The last thing I printed today was the front cover. Again this was marbled but as the area of ink wasn't that large I didn't need to use that much ink. 

However, after printing two copies of this I was gutted to realise that there was not an equal spacing in the middle of the two boxes. I cut out one of the cover spreads and when I looked at the central mark I realised I hadn't centralised the right box. At first I thought I could maybe save this by cutting more space to the right of the box but this would still mean the box on the front cover wouldn't be central and this was a really important part of the design. So I decided to fix the design and tomorrow I will have to wash another screen, emulsion it, expose it and then re-print the front cover. 

This will set me back dramatically for tomorrow as I need to print the box which has three separate print elements, in addition to finishing the belly band 

Plan For Tomorrow

  • Wash, emulsion and expose new front cover screen
  • Print front cover
  • Print front of postcard belly bands
  • Print box design

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