Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Refining Idea

Following my research into digital natives I re-thought my idea and as I explained at the end of my last post I now think it would be much more relevant to create a pack to mail out to digital natives as my research explained that digital natives do engage with post. 

I also wanted to create a mail out as this is a way to give the pack directly to the audience, adding a more personal touch which is an element of print I am also trying to convey - that print is often more personal. 

I also don't think that this target audience would get a lot of post directly for them so I feel that this would make them even more likely to engage with the product.

When thinking of what to include in the pack I thought about ways to encourage the audience to communicate in a physical form, which lead me to think about postcards. Postcards are not as commonly sent on holidays anymore but are a simple way to send a quick hand written, personal message via post. I plan for the whole pack to be screen printed and so by getting the audience to write on and send the postcards in addition to communicating in a more physical and personal way they will also be passing on the message to remember print. 

After deciding to include postcards however I thought that I would need to also include some postage stamps as I doubt teenagers would have postage stamps handy. I plan to do a bit of research into stamps as I have seen unique designed stamps before and I think this could work well within this pack. I also feel that this will make the pack even more interactive. 

I still wanted to go with the 'To Have & To Hold' idea and work with the light hearted vows as I still think this is a fun way to communicate the points about print in the digital world to the audience. I also wanted to give the audience something to keep within the pack as obviously the idea is that they write on and post the postcards, so they wouldn't really have anything to keep. I also still wanted the vows to be in a screen printed book as I still want to link to the point in my essay about the book being an art form. This would obviously not be as high end as the book I had thought about before, as this will need to be fairly light to be packaged and posted. However, I will consider stock, colour and design to make this as desirable as possible to try and convey the message that books should be desirable items and of course this is all in addition to the book making points about print in a light hearted fashion. 

I drew up my idea below. 

In terms of packaging my first idea was a simple box and a belly band around this to ensure it holds together in the post. You can also see in the above drawing that I have included a belly band around the postcards and a pen with a tag on that will hopefully tie this in with the rest of the products, as I really don't think I will have time to customise any pens fully. 

I now want to research into mail out packs to maybe get a better idea of how I could package this as at the moment I have just thought about a box. 

Target Audience

Although I have been talking about the target audience being digital natives I wanted to specify an age as many people have different interpretations of what age digital natives are. I am going to focus this on high school/sixth form teenagers so between the ages of 13 to 18 as this age group I feel are more likely to pay attention to such post and try and engage/understand something whereas I think any younger and they may not understand the idea behind the vows or the mail out in general. 

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