Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Somethings Gotta Give

Although I am obviously going to watch the movie for myself I thought it may help to do a little bit of research into the film, what it is about, key themes, etc. 

I found the trailer on YouTube ... 

From this without watching the whole film I feel it is quite romantic and based on age in realtionships and whether age matters. It is definitely a rom com also.

I found a summary of the characters in the film which was interesting to read and gives an idea of the importance of the characters in the story. 

I don't think this was a hugely popular film at the time of release as other than general plot summaries I couldn't find a lot about the film. I did however find some visuals. 

Here is the movie poster that was released. 

The way the characters are split with the title suggest the struggles they may have 

I also managed to get some shots from the film which may be helpful as I will be watching the film on tv so wont be able to take screen shots. 

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