Thursday, 16 January 2014


Knowledge and understanding of different contexts to individual subjects
Political, Economical, Social, Technological analysis
Think about how your work affects these elements.

Cognitive skills
Ability to use logic, reasoning and critical judgement to analyse ideas from a range of sources.
Logical thinking to the development of practical work

Practical and Professional Skills
- The capacity for undertaking practical and theoretical research that demonstrates an info red application of critical, effective and testable processes.

Key Transferable SkillsOrganise and carry out self-directed project sand communication outcomes through written and other appropriate forms

Knowledge and Understanding Demonstrate an awareness of the relationship between the theoretical and practical contact of their own creative concerns

SynthesisAll component part of the project engaging in one complex dynamic process
Informed engagement
The realisation of theory in and through practise
The philosophy of PRAXIS

Kolb's Experiential Learning TheoryMaking and doing intertwined with theory and reflection creates something powerful
Forcing you to think about what is actually happening

Practitioners are right to worry that academic study of what is essentially a hands-on subject removes it from the reality of practise.

Designers often work intuitively, without knowingly applying theory. This module aims to get you to reflect on that process.

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