Friday, 14 February 2014

The Coffee House - Book

Although I was happy with the amount of research I had on coffee houses and the history of coffee houses I found this book on amazon and it sounded like it would be very useful so I bought it and I was really pleased when it arrived as it was completely relevant to my research topic!

You can see from the contents page that many of the sections linked to areas I have been looking at so I read through this and picked out all the key parts that I wanted to include in my publication ... as you can see from the sticky notes. 

I am not going to write out the sections but I will combine the facts and information from this book with what I have already discovered to form the body copy for my publication. 

Another great thing about this book is the images. I had been struggling to find relevant images to go with a lot of the sections but this had a lot of relevant imagery. 
I scanned these in to hopefully use in my publication. 

Not all of these will be suitable as the quality of some may be too poor but a lot should work well. 

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