Friday, 23 May 2014

COP 3 Presentation, Feedback & Proposal

I presented my current idea for COP3 and was very nervous as I only currently have a general area of gender and branding that I would like to look into some more. 

Here is the presentation I put together. 

I explained that I was really interested in the way brands target both males and females so differently and the use of stereotypes within branding. I wasn't are how this would form a question but went through the different areas I am thinking of looking into and potential methods of researching. 

The feedback in general was positive and many mentioned that there is a lot to read about in terms of gender and design and stereotypes are a huge area so I shouldn't struggle in that regard. 

Richard mentioned that this is such a wide area it is easy to get lost so it is good to try and have a focus but at this point it is good that I have this area to look into. 

I explained that I didn't really have an idea for a practical other than that I really wanted to build a brand from scratch. Richard suggested attempting to produce a gender neutral brand could be really interesting and challenging as there are so many gender focussed brands out there. 

I felt positive after the presentation and glad I had this area of interest to try and develop into a more specific question over the summer. 

Following this I filled out the COP3 proposal form. 

Samantha Walker -CoP3 Proposal Form 2013

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