Friday, 17 October 2014

COP3 Presentation Feedback

Following my presentation my comments were quite varied and did leave my questioning a lot of things about my presentation and COP3 project. 

Simon said it was a very interesting subject and that I should look at a book called 'Gender Trouble' by Judith Bell. 

Richard explained that there is a lot of research and many texts on this subject and I could easily get lost. He also mentioned how the product will have a huge impact on the success and ethics of the use of stereotypes within the branding and that I need to find more focus, this goes for both the practical and written element.

He also mentioned how we need certain amounts of stereotypes and generalisations to target audiences, and whilst I knew this was true it made me question just how much we need and perhaps my question should aim to figure out where the line is as obviously the two examples I used in my presentation were basically stupid as they used patronising levels of stereotyping, but I would like to look at more successful examples of branding to women and how they go about the issue of stereotyping. 

Although I came away from the presentation initially feeling disheartened that I had quite a lot still to figure out, when I felt like I had already done quite a lot of research, this was definitely a positive experience overall as it made me go away and question what it was I wanted to find out and remember why I picked this subject to begin with. Finding the book that Simon told me to look at also lead me to two other books that helped me think of more focussed areas to look into. 

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