Sunday, 30 November 2014


Following my focus group I thought it would be helpful to produce a questionnaire to get a much wider range of opinions on a selection of the products used.

It was quite difficult to ensure these questions were not too leading but were also clear to answer. I also didn't want to ask too many specific and open questions like I did in the focus group, like 'what do you think of this logo', as when writing too many questions like this are off putting.

Because of this I tried to get a balance of simple tick box questions and open ended questions, there are more open ended questions but I have worded these so hopefully they are simple to answer and as this is a printed questionnaire there is only a certain amount of space to indicate that I don't need the participant to write a huge amount.

I felt like giving this out in a printed format would be more beneficial than doing an online survey as in the past I have only managed to get age ranges between 16 - 30 using this method and I want as large of a range as possible.

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