Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Dissertation Group Crit

Although this crit was initially for Amber's group it was opened up to everybody so I thought I would take advantage of this opportunity to get some feedback and advice from peers, as we haven't really spoke about our essays in the studio it is more about practical work!

This was a really interesting session and it was great hearing what everyone had been researching, there were some really interesting subjects and it was useful hearing the different ways people had structured their essays and the areas they were covering within these.

Vicky and Dan had especially relevant essay topics, to my subject, as they were also looking specifically at branding. It was really useful hearing some of the theories they had looked at that I hadn't yet, such as the trickle up and trickle down theory and also some writers and books. Dan suggested the book Lifting the lid on Branding by Giles Lury as it talked about brand personalities and why brands need these. This was really helpful as I talk about this a lot within my essay, as the brand personality is what is communicated through the visuals and tone of voice of the brand, and this is what individuals base their purchase decisions on.

I went to this crit with one question in specific that I wanted to ask and this was regarding the advertising chapter of my essay. I currently haven't included a chapter specifically about packaging in regards to the branding to women, but through my primary research - looking in supermarkets, my focus group and questionnaire the packaging is actually a really big part of what makes people buy certain things and I have found it particularly interesting how the shape of packaging can represent stereotypes and influence women's purchasing decisions. As I explained this to the group everyone thought that I should definitely include this, but agreed it would be too much to have 6 chapters. I explained that I haven't actually looked at a lot of advertising but have a few examples in relation to specific examples such as the Venus razors and Dove, so perhaps this is where I should include the aspects of advertising.

This was a really helpful and interesting crit, I am feeling more confident with my progress and essay subject after this and hopefully I can have a more substantial draft completed within a week.

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