Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Mint Colour Decisions

I had been working with a mint green colour within the brand so far as I feel this is the most appropriate colour for the mint scented/themed products. 

As identified within my extended essay, colour and visual elements of the written word such as typeface work with the meaning of the sound of the word, to together build an image in the consumers mind. Therefore the mint colour in combination with the softer aesthetic and leaf like shape of the logo, should assist the communication of the key ingredient of mint with the sound of the word itself. 

However, there are so many variations of mint green and I was struggling to decide on just one. So I decided to print off a selection of the greens I had been considering and see which printed best on the thick matte stock in the digital dungeon on the inkjet printers, as this is how I will be printing my final products and this is the stock I will more than likely be using for my packaging. 

When printed I could see how these would look ...

And I decided to use the following as the brands key colour. 

This is a clear reference to mint so will hopefully become recognisable in relation to the brand. It is also a neutral colour in terms of gender stereotypes, whilst it is a lighter shade and these can often be seen as feminine, this is bright enough to not be viewed in this way and in combination with the other design elements it will not convey any stereotypical meaning. 

I had considered using a range of mint green colours, but decided to work with the clean aspect to keep the colour scheme minimal and stick with the one key colour with white and a colour for text. 

In terms of the text colour to work with this I thought that black may be too harsh. 

This grey woks a lot better with the green and although it is lighter it does not connote female stereotypes as the brand is about a natural product - mint, and the lighter colours signify the natural aspect. The grey is still dark enough to be clear and readable, and create the crisp aesthetic that I am aiming for. 


I normally stay away from white stock's when printing but for this brief I think it is more appropriate to use only white stock, or clear adhesive for labels, when printing as this will give more of a contrast and created a more clean and crisp aesthetic which is what I am aiming for.

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