Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Mint Logo Development

Following my latest tutorial with Simon I am now calling my brand 'Mint' as this works a lot better with the idea that the brand products all incorporate mint products, this communicates more clearly to the audience whilst being a short and memorable name. This also has no gender stereotypes attached so is fitting with the neutral theme. 

I wanted to see if this word would work with the idea of shaping the name into a leaf shape, as with the name these elements would work really well together to communicate the overall theme of the brand. 

I firstly worked with the word in lower case letters, I felt the word needed to be all lowercase or all uppercase if it was to be shaped in this way. I initially thought that all lowercase letters would be better to work with the natural aspect of mint, uppercase can be seen and read as stronger, louder, etc. so I thought lowercase could work with the simplicity. 

I worked with lowercase gill sans to begin with. 

This did not work well when stretched and manipulated as you can see. 

This would have needed a lot of adjustment carefully moving anchor points to fit the shape. But I decided against doing this as I wasn't happy with the lowercase word. I didn't like that there was going to be the dot of the i within the shape, I felt this could be distracting. 

I also felt that uppercase could create more impact. 

I looked online for some more interesting sans serif fonts, that had a simple and clean aesthetic but were offered something a bit different to the typical. 

I found this light weight font called 'Basic Title Font' and liked the height of it and felt that it may be easier to adjust to fit the shape due to the single weight and the fact that all letters of this name are build from straight lines!

I started to use the anchor points to shape the word. 

The M was the hardest to shape as it started to look odd when it got so high, and I was trying to ensure it referenced the shape of the leaf rather than just a diagonal. 

The final result looked like this in the leaf. 
Although I was quite happy with how this looked I was unsure about the outline leaf shape. I liked that it reinforced the leaf reference, but felt it could be too much and distracting and I want the logo to be easy to read. 

I considered using a full colour leaf icon and layering a white logo onto this. 

I preferred this to the outline but was still unsure, it felt a bit much. 

The type alone did make a subtle reference to a leaf, and the way in which the word says Mint should work together with the visual to conjure up the association with a mint leaf. 

I experimented with a more rounded font as I felt that this could create more of a link to nature and obviously mint is a natural product. Softer aesthetics are often associated with more natural elements. 

I found the font Quicksand which comes in a variety of weights and is similar to the previous font with the way it is a simple sans serif font, but has a rounded finish. 

You can see the subtle rounded quality here. 

I started to adjust this font again into the leaf shape. Using guides was really helpful to ensure I wasn't distorting the main elements of the letters. 

I ended with this design. 

I wasn't sure about the outline being so close to the text, this makes the T difficult to make out and thus difficult to read. 

I made the outline larger and this worked much better and was easier to read. 

I really liked the rounded elements of this font as it is still very clear to read and simple, but the rounded edges creates a softer aesthetic referencing natural aspect, whilst not being overly feminine which typically 'softer' elements of design can. 

I started to play around with other possibilities with this font within the leaf. I created the following by again moving the anchor points and thought it actually looked a bit like the veins seen in leaves. 
 This version would however mean I kept it within the logo at all times. 

Below is the adjusted font without the outline. 

Whilst I was happy with this and the other versions I had created I felt it would work even better if it was bolder, to create more impact. 

I worked with the same font but in bold. 

Again I manipulated the anchor points, but this was far more difficult that the previous as the rounded ends were much more difficult to move whilst maintaining their shape. 

I did however manage to do this and was really happy with the result. The rounded finish was much more obvious, but I think it works really well with the text and creates a visually engaging logo, which is the aim. 

I considered ways to make the mint leaf reference more clear without using the outline. 
So instead of having this entire outline I added two dots at the two points in the leaf. 

I am really pleased with this! The added dots I feel emphasise the leaf like shape whilst still maintaining the simplicity. 

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