Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Point of Sale

As I have my brand and products finalised now I want to produce an image that shows how the brand can be applied to point of sale displays in stores. 

Simon had previously suggested taking a photograph of a store and mocking this up, but I feel my photoshop skills are not that strong and think I could mock up a more clear and understandable illustration of how this could look. 

After a lot of looking online I found a few examples of point of sale displays that I could use as a basis for producing my illustration. 

I liked this as it showed how the POS would look and stand out amongst the many competitors. 

I started to try and apply the brand to this. This was a lot more difficult than i initially thought it was going to be! 

I liked the leaves on the shelf but was unsure about the side of the display and what exactly to put on the top. I added 'New, refreshing products', but this seemed quite boring!

The next few POS displays I looked at however were stand alone displays. 

This was a bit small and I didn't like the shelves. I didn't feel this was right for toiletry products. 

This however is much better. 

With this simple POS it was easier to show how a brand could be applied. I didn't want it to bee too white as I wanted it to really stand out, and most of the products are mainly white so to make these stand out I needed to use a lot of the green. 

Whilst I liked the green shelves it needed much more, so I added the different elements of the brand identity. 

I wasn't sure if this bottom panel needed anything else, the grey line seemed to make it look like there should be something there that attention is being drawn to, but I could't think of anything necessary. 

You can see I added the logo to the top making this the main focus. I didn't include too much text as I didn't feel it needed it. The text reads 'Refreshing, Calming, Clean. Experience Mint'.
I felt this was simple and too the point. 

Although I was really pleased with how this looked I still felt it was lacking something. I didn't want to add anymore leaves as overuse of these makes the designs look too feminine. So I decided to add more green stripes instead and get rid of the grey line as this is what made it looked like this area was lacking something. 

Final Point of Sale Display - 

I am really pleased with this as the final design, it clearly links to the other products designs and would get the attention of passers by. There is a good balance of features as when the many products are on these shelves it would not be too much or confusing. There is more of a balance with the stripes also in this design. 

This would indicate to consumers that 'Mint' is different to other products and doesn't conform to the gender stereotypes applied to the many other products. Even if this was featured in the male or female section it is clear from the display that this isn't a typical male or female toiletry brand. 

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