Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Pointlessly Gendered Products

This article lists some of the many products that are branded with clear gender stereotypes, that have no need to be. 


Pink Lady Apples - Disney

Heavy link with pink to young girls.

Dulcolax for women - Offers no explanation as to why women would need a different medicine to men. 

This is similar to the women's tool kit I looked at before. The way in which work tools need to be branded as separate for women is belittling and clearly fitting with Western stereotypes. 

Gender specific Pom Bears that even have 'only for girls/boys' titled on top. The colouring and even the flavours play into gender stereotypes with the 'Wild Paprika' for boys and 'Sweet Paprika' for girls. 

Pink earplugs for women ...

Although these are quite extreme examples, and are actually American products, this really shows how gender stereotypes are applied to items that audiences may not initially notice, as the visual associations such as pink and blue are so common. 

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